Increase Your Sales with a Highly Targeted Advertising Campaign

Written by Shelley Lowery

If you're looking for a low-cost, yet highly effective means of advertising your products and services, then Google AdWords may be your answer.

Google AdWords provides a simple way to purchase highly targeted advertising, regardless of your budget. Unlike other sites selling banner ad space and pay-per-ranking, AdWords provides advertisers with highly effective text ads that are displayed withrepparttar search results. Studies have shown that highly targeted keyword advertising produces an average of four timesrepparttar 101058 industry standard clickthrough rate.

Google, one ofrepparttar 101059 premier Search Engines, receives over 29 million searches each day. Their popularity most likely stems fromrepparttar 101060 speed and accuracy of their search results. Needless to say, placing your text ad with Google Adwords will be a highly effective way to advertise your products and services.

It is a well-known fact that text ads perform much better than banner ads. What better way to target your audience than through a popular Search Engine? Your potential customer is there for a reason -- they're looking for something. When a Google visitor types in their keywords, they are almost instantly presented with their search results. Onrepparttar 101061 right side ofrepparttar 101062 results are colored text boxes containing targeted advertisements that match their search terms.

When you place your ad with AdWords, you will haverepparttar 101063 ability to select a list of tightly targeted keywords including all ofrepparttar 101064 following:

Keyword Matching - Shows your ad when a search includes your selected words.

Phrase Matching - Shows your ad when a search includes your selected phrases.

Exact Query Matching - Shows your ad when a search contains your exact keywords and no others.

Negative Keyword Matching - Will not show your ad if a search contains certain words you select.

This unique targeting technique will enable you to create a highly targeted ad campaign and test your ads with a high rate of accuracy. What's more, you can even target your ads to a specific country or language.

The great thing about advertising with Google AdWords is that you will have complete control over your ad and how much you'd like to spend. You can open an account with a credit card with no minimum deposit required. Once you place your ad, it can begin running almost immediately.

How To Write Headlines That Could Make You A Fortune

Written by Noel Peebles

What do people see in advertising? Headlines! What do you see when you are glancing through a newspaper or magazine? Headlines! What is it that makes you stop for a moment and look at an advertisement, or even read some of it? The headline! An advertisement headline is no different from a news headline. Both are designed to capturerepparttar reader's attention and to encourage them to read further.

The same applies with a radio commercial. It also needs a headline to attractrepparttar 101057 listener's attention so they "prick up their ears" and listen further.

The headline therefore becomesrepparttar 101058 ad forrepparttar 101059 ad. It must be strong enough to "flag attention" and stop repparttar 101060 reader, listener, or viewer "in their tracks." The job ofrepparttar 101061 headline is to entice them to read on or pay further attention torepparttar 101062 message that follows.

Let's face it; we all have a natural resistance to advertising. These days we are bombarded with thousands upon thousands of commercial messages. Unlessrepparttar 101063 headline is of particular interest, or in some way says "I'm talking to you!", we will tend to ignore it.

If you're like most advertisers, you will open a newspaper or magazine and go immediately to your own advertisement. It stands out because you are looking for it.

In reality,repparttar 101064 average reader is not scanningrepparttar 101065 publication in search of your advertisement. The publication may have four hundred other headlines in that particular issue. Every headline is competing with allrepparttar 101066 others inrepparttar 101067 issue. A particular advertisement is not just competing with other ads forrepparttar 101068 reader's attention. It is also competing, withrepparttar 101069 numerous articles and news stories inrepparttar 101070 publication.

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