Increase Your Pet Store Sales by 540%

Written by John Stanley

I hope I have grabbed your attention, but yes, this is achievable. I have clients who have turned a stock turn of 5 into a 34 stock turn a year who will vouch that 540% is easily achievable.

But how and where can you achieve this? Every pet store has a power position within its store.

Some retailers knowrepparttar power of this position and develop their own strategies to manage this location and do not needrepparttar 150169 help of suppliers or retail consultants.

The majority of retailers do not realiserepparttar 150170 potential and needrepparttar 150171 help of suppliers to make it happen.

They need a positive partnership rather than a supplier just delivering product.

So Where are These Magical Positions?

The power spot isrepparttar 150172 position in a pet store where you can guarantee 100% of consumers will see 100% of product.

Those suppliers and retailers who have stores in countries where they drive onrepparttar 150173 left hand side ofrepparttar 150174 road will have consumers who generally prefer to circulate stores in a clockwise direction. If your market is based on right hand sided driving, then customers generally prefer to circulaterepparttar 150175 store in a counter clockwise direction.

Prior to building a power spot, you need to knowrepparttar 150176 natural customer flow inrepparttar 150177 store you are working with ….. for Australians it’s clockwise.

Once that has been agreed on, you can then positionrepparttar 150178 power spot location. Generally consumers take 4 to 6 steps intorepparttar 150179 store,repparttar 150180 transition zone, before they will focus on a display. The position after those few steps isrepparttar 150181 power spot location.

Once you decide onrepparttar 150182 power spot, you have then got to make it work.

Ideally, keeprepparttar 150183 display circular to create a traffic island,repparttar 150184 radius being no more than an arm’s length to enable you to maximiserepparttar 150185 sales space.

Shoppers buy fromrepparttar 150186 belly button to chin height and this means you may need to dummy uprepparttar 150187 base ofrepparttar 150188 display to maximise sales.

Research tells us that conical power displays are by farrepparttar 150189 best shape to maximise sales and thereforerepparttar 150190 way you buildrepparttar 150191 display is critically important.

Get 100% of People to See 100% of Your Pet Products

Written by John Stanley

Overrepparttar last few weeks, I have visited pet stores inrepparttar 150168 USA, Europe and Australasia. Some of these stores were keen to ensure I was exposed to allrepparttar 150169 products they had on offer, whilst others hid products from view. The old adage is that if you cannot see it, you cannot buy it.

Researchers tell us that 70% of buying decisions are made withrepparttar 150170 eyes and thereforerepparttar 150171 first priority in setting up a retail pet store is to ensure you exposerepparttar 150172 customer torepparttar 150173 products you have on offer.

In one store I visited, they were determined I would see their total offer, whilst in another store I was exposed to less than 20% of their offer.

It’s Notrepparttar 150174 Product; It’srepparttar 150175 Flow

Remember,repparttar 150176 first priority is notrepparttar 150177 product; it’srepparttar 150178 customer flow. Researchers such as Paco Underhill, inrepparttar 150179 United States, had carried out a lot of research on how we shop;repparttar 150180 theories apply to all types of retail outlets andrepparttar 150181 pet industry is no different to a hardware store or fashion shop.

The first priority is to understand how subconsciously consumers who like to shoprepparttar 150182 shop. This all depends on what side ofrepparttar 150183 road you drive on.

Those of you reading this article in countries where people drive onrepparttar 150184 left-hand side ofrepparttar 150185 road will find consumers will prefer to shop in a clockwise arrangement. Those who drive onrepparttar 150186 right-hand side will prefer to flow around your store in a counter-clockwise arrangement.

This meansrepparttar 150187 position of your checkout is critical to your success.

As a general rule, in left-hand drive countriesrepparttar 150188 counter goes onrepparttar 150189 right and onrepparttar 150190 left in right-hand drive countries.

The worst layout I have experienced is what is commonly called “pig trough” retailing. This is whererepparttar 150191 counter is placed inrepparttar 150192 centre ofrepparttar 150193 store, about one third in. This encouragesrepparttar 150194 first third ofrepparttar 150195 store to be shopped and not behindrepparttar 150196 counter.

We recently worked with a retailer where he had a “pig trough” system. We physically movedrepparttar 150197 counter onrepparttar 150198 day andrepparttar 150199 client phoned me atrepparttar 150200 end ofrepparttar 150201 week to inform me that sales, sincerepparttar 150202 counter move, had increased by 20%.

It’s Notrepparttar 150203 Product; It’srepparttar 150204 Personal Space

People need space to shop. According to research by David Lewis and recorded in his book “The Soul ofrepparttar 150205 New Customer”,repparttar 150206 biggest stress when shopping is lack of space. Don’t provide customers with space and they will not linger longer.

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