Increase Your PageRank on Google

Written by Jamie Ratliff

As webmasters, most of us are aware ofrepparttar Google PageRank system. As Google continues to improverepparttar 131677 PageRank system, webmasters must continously try to keep their websites ranking high. Unfortunately, many will use techniques that are not quite legitimate. So, what should you be doing to improve your page rank results?

1.) Write "useful" content for your website that others will find helpful. Allow other webmasters to userepparttar 131678 content on their own website with a link back to yours.

2.) Avoid cheating. Sure, you may cheat and see an increase in your PageRank, but you can be sure Google is getting better at catching these and will eventually find out. This may result in a lower pagerank, or even all out removal fromrepparttar 131679 Google search system.

3.) Be patient. Don't resubmit your website every day just because you made a few changes. You will find that once your website has been around a while, Google will do a pretty good job of updating their engine. If it has been a few months andrepparttar 131680 GoogleBot has not come to visit, then you should probably resubmit.

Content-rich website setup

Written by Stefanos Cunning

Building a web site forrepparttar first time might seem like an extremely difficult task, especially when you have to consider that you will be building a site for a world-wide audience comprising individuals with a wide range of abilities, platforms, and viewing conditions. We have a sure fire method for success and any person new to web developing must carefully considerrepparttar 131675 following eight areas:

Audience ofrepparttar 131676 web site Purpose ofrepparttar 131677 web site URL ofrepparttar 131678 web site Design Navigation hierarchy Usability Content Hosting This may seem like an enormous task at first, but donít worry it is much easier than you might think. Letís take each one inrepparttar 131679 list and briefly analyze each.

Audience ofrepparttar 131680 web site

First and foremost, when you have come up with your brilliant idea of a web site, you have to carefully consider who your audience is going to be. For instance, isrepparttar 131681 audience going to be primarily young people, businesses, pet owners, teachers, or maybe government officials?

Once you have determined who your desired primary audience is, it will become much easier to maintain consistency throughout your site.

Purpose ofrepparttar 131682 web site

Now, letís say that you have decided that you want to build a site that is about PlayStation 2 games and your primary audience is going to be 14-25 year olds. Now you need to determine whatrepparttar 131683 purpose ofrepparttar 131684 web site is going be.

Your purpose needs to be specific but atrepparttar 131685 same time flexible, as your site will grow, you might actually decide to changerepparttar 131686 primary purpose.

For our example letís sayrepparttar 131687 purpose of your new web site is to inform young people about allrepparttar 131688 new PlayStation 2 games that have been release and also provide members lists of cheats to those games.

Now you have set your purpose. You want to assist young people by providingrepparttar 131689 game cheats so that they might be able to win a few of those PlayStation 2 games.

URL ofrepparttar 131690 web site

Choosingrepparttar 131691 URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of your new web site is a bit more difficult as you might have to do a little research. You need to determine whatrepparttar 131692 name of your site should be. Now there are several ways to do this.

Namerepparttar 131693 site after your purpose Namerepparttar 131694 site after keywords that people use to find PlayStation 2 cheats Namerepparttar 131695 site related to your audience Or all ofrepparttar 131696 above So letís think about this, our audience is young people, we are providing PlayStation 2 cheats, then perhaps an ideal name forrepparttar 131697 site would be or or or even You should be gettingrepparttar 131698 idea now.

You wouldnít want to namerepparttar 131699 site as that is a very broad term and if someone was to search for your site on a search engine it might not come up, but with a highly targeted and named URL you stand a better chance.

So letís say we have decided to name our site:

Now you will have to checkrepparttar 131700 availability of that URL. There are many web sites that can checkrepparttar 131701 availability of URLís for free. Here are few: We would advise that you shop around and try to find a good price for your URL before making that first purchase.


Probablyrepparttar 131702 single most important and useful quality for Web site design is flexibility. Most of us are pathologically incapable of getting anything rightrepparttar 131703 first time, and while we're trying to do that,repparttar 131704 universe changes, invalidating our Perfect Design.

Programmers well know thatrepparttar 131705 key to flexibility is separation of concerns, typically implemented using "indirection". For example, Web design should separate content and style, then link one torepparttar 131706 other.

However, this separation is a Good Thing only up to a point. First, it adds another thing to be managed. Second, it often adds another dimension to get confused in. Style sheets may be buggy, and browser support is still inadequate. Above a certain threshold of complexity, changes you make inrepparttar 131707 style sheet may have unexpected consequences ó rather like software programs where you change one line and later discover it caused a bug. The best you can do is to try to keep it well-organised and as simple as possible (but no simpler).

You will probably need a HTML editor; there are many free editors online that function usingrepparttar 131708 WYSIWYG method (What you see is what you get). A few first HTML editors might be:

∑ Mozilla Composer

∑ Tellian WebPAGE

∑ Netscape Composer

Navigation hierarchy

That there should be a hierarchy is almost mandated by considerations such as user familiarity, file system structure, etc. We instinctively think in terms of topics and their subtopics, and map these to file-system directory trees in our Web sites.

Note that content structure actually has two major levels: how you implement it (e.g. inrepparttar 131709 filing or database system), and howrepparttar 131710 users see it in navigation facilities. They don't at all have to berepparttar 131711 same thing, becauserepparttar 131712 user isn't looking directly at your filing system; they will see it through links or redirects or intermediate software. This indirection can provide you with some flexibility as your site evolves. Your initial filing scheme might prove to be less than ideal; you notice that users are going to a page or set of pages that you'd placed deep down inrepparttar 131713 hierarchy, and so you would prefer them to be prominent onrepparttar 131714 navigation menus. Not a problem, those menus don't have to mirrorrepparttar 131715 server's filing system! However, we prefer to keep them synchronised (onrepparttar 131716 K.I.S.S. principle) and occasionally move files or directories ó taking care to add server redirects.

Hierarchical organization imposes a useful discipline on your own analytical approach to your content, as hierarchies only work well when you have thoroughly organized your material. I recommend putting a lot of effort into designing a logical system based onrepparttar 131717 user's view ó rather than say, departmental structure, though that might play a role. Your navigation system should then be able to take advantage ofrepparttar 131718 file structure, and good keywords will appear inrepparttar 131719 URLs themselves, helping users figure it out.

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