Increase Your Income with an Organized Marketing Plan

Written by Albin Dittli

Are your marketing efforts hit and miss? Do you do some marketing every day?

Regardless of whether you are marketing your own program or someone else’s program, there are many different ways to market your chosen program or web site. Just a few are safe lists, ezine advertising, classified ads, your own ezine, writing articles, link exchanges, pay per click, posting ads to sites, traffic exchanges, and search engine submissions.

Consistency is a key ingredient to success. The person who does some marketing every day is much more likely to be successful thenrepparttar person that just occasionally does some marketing. Doing something on an on going basis will keep you focused on your marketing. It should also start producing a steadily increasing flow of traffic to your site.

The Internet is not a place to do half hearted marketing. Half hearted marketing will soon become seldom marketing, which in turn will soon become no marketing. To be successful a person must marketing consistently.

Two many people try some marketing once or twice, and then give up because they saw little or no results. Then they try a different program and startrepparttar 117259 pattern over.

A successful marketer knows that people seldom buy onrepparttar 117260 first visit to a site. Often they must see a program six or seven times before they buy. This is why half hearted marketer fails. The successful marketer keeps putting his site before people, which produces brand or name recognition and eventually sales.

There are so many ways available to market that it is hard to keep track and what has been done and what need to be done next. It is easy to become frustrated and confused by so many choices and end up doing nothing.

As an example, lets look at safe lists. There are thousands of safe lists you can join. Most you can join as a pro or for free. With some you can mail every day. With others you can mail every three days, or every five days, or every seven days. Free members can have a different schedule then pro members. Then there are your email boxes to check on a regular basis and clean out. If they get full you can loose your mailing privileges.

A fairly simple way to keep track of your safe list marketing efforts is to create a Microsoft word file to contain your safe list, and other marketing information. If you don’t have word then use Word Perfect or whatever your favorite word processor is. You could also use a spreadsheet or even a HTML page.

When you createrepparttar 117261 file put it where you can access it fast. I can get to mine from my desktop with just a few clicks onrepparttar 117262 “My Documents” Folder. The files in My Documents are displayed in alphabetical order, so name your file so that it will appear near or atrepparttar 117263 top ofrepparttar 117264 list.

Inrepparttar 117265 file put each safe list’s information on a separate line. Enterrepparttar 117266 login URL,repparttar 117267 username, and your password. Also showrepparttar 117268 mailing schedule. Then show eitherrepparttar 117269 last time you mailed orrepparttar 117270 next time you should mail. You will need to changerepparttar 117271 date each time you mail. You may also want to write what wasrepparttar 117272 title ofrepparttar 117273 last ad you sent out. Other optional information might berepparttar 117274 size ofrepparttar 117275 list and whether you are a free or pro member.

Does Your Spouse Know What You Are Doing?

Written by Albin Dittli

It can’t happen to you. You are immune to accidents and illness. Life will continue to go on just as it has been. However,repparttar screeching of brakes could change that instantly.

You have a thriving Internet business going. Your empire includes several websites that you created, with several different products. You also belong to several affiliate programs, a good network marketing program that is giving you monthly residual income, and a bunch of safe lists and traffic programs. You also have a personal and a business PayPal account, several ClickBank accounts, and a StormPay account, each with a different username and password. Then there are your various email accounts and auto responders. You also have some great software on your computer, such as tour ezine editor and safe list submitter. And you probably have a bunch of things that I didn’t mention.

All this stuff is so much fun to keep track of. However, you are keeping good track of it. Aren’t you?

But are yourepparttar 117258 only one keeping track of it? Does your spouse have any idea of what you do onrepparttar 117259 Internet every day? If those screeching tires took you out of commission for a while could your spouse step in for you and keep your Internet Empire running?

If you can answer yes to these questions then pat yourself onrepparttar 117260 back, you arerepparttar 117261 exception. You plan ahead forrepparttar 117262 unexpected. You have set up a free insurance plan that will allow your Internet business to continue even if you can’t for a while. Congratulations. Good going.

How aboutrepparttar 117263 rest of you? Is this important to you?

Inrepparttar 117264 off line business world there is “key man insurance”. This insurance is on an individual who is extremely important torepparttar 117265 success ofrepparttar 117266 business. It is fairly common in small to medium sized businesses whererepparttar 117267 founder knows more aboutrepparttar 117268 company then anyone else, and much ofrepparttar 117269 knowledge is in his head.

I’ve never heard of “key man insurance” for a home-based Internet business. And even if it did exist, it would probably be very expensive. So you need to take steps to make sure that someone else knows, or can find,repparttar 117270 information that you use on a daily basis.

In two previous articles I talked about organizing you’re marketing and getting it written down. Those articles were titled “Increase Your Income with an Organized Marketing Plan” and “Increase Your Income with an Organized Plan”. You can get a copy of them at They will give you some good ideas on how to record your Internet information so that someone else could read it and continue for you.

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