Increase Your Income with an Organization Plan

Written by Albin Dittli

In a recent article, Increase Your Income with an Organized Marketing Plan, I talked about how to organize your daily marketing tasks so that you could be more efficient in your marketing, save time, and make more money.

There are additional ways that you can organize yourself so that your are more effective.

One major advantage of organizing your self is that you can save time. And asrepparttar old adage says, “Time is money”. If your information is scattered all overrepparttar 117257 place it is hard to find and you will waste time looking for it.

It is easy to join several programs, especially if you start joining traffic exchanges or safe lists. Keeping track of their information can be a real chore. Most of them will send you an email. You can print outrepparttar 117258 emails and file them. You can also save allrepparttar 117259 emails in a folder. While it is a good idea to do both of these, it will take time to look uprepparttar 117260 information later.

Create a file where you can store all ofrepparttar 117261 information fromrepparttar 117262 email in one place. This file could be made with a word processor, a spreadsheet, or a database program such as Access. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

With a word processor you have everything in one file that is easy to scan. However, you should alphabetizerepparttar 117263 entries as you enter them.

With a spreadsheet you can have one line per program and easily sort them by program name, program type, or date. Sometimes when you save a URL in a cellrepparttar 117264 cell looks strange.

A data base program takes a little longer to set up, but once done you have nice fields with labels for each piece of information.

Use whatever is best for you or what you are most familiar with. The point is to organize them for easy and speedy access. Storerepparttar 117265 file where you can get to it easy and fast.

For each program I suggest that you store at leastrepparttar 117266 name of program, login URL, referral URL, your user name, your password, date you joinedrepparttar 117267 program, type of program, and cost. You may also want to store your email address used forrepparttar 117268 program, program contact email, how you foundrepparttar 117269 program (especially if u joined from a portal), and some notes onrepparttar 117270 program.

As you join programs you will have costs and income. Generally these costs are tax deductible andrepparttar 117271 income may have to be reported. Also, you will want to know if you are making or losing money. This is another thing to track.

Tracking expenses and income can be as simple or complicated as you want it to be. A spreadsheet is one ofrepparttar 117272 simplest ways. Set up columns for date, program name, cost amount, income amount, and source. The source would be PayPal, ClickBank, check, credit card, etc.

Oncerepparttar 117273 spreadsheet is set up you can enterrepparttar 117274 information as it occurs of gather and enter it monthly.

When To Make Your Career Move To Self-Employment!

Written by BB Lee

When To Make Your Career Move To Self Employment

by BB Lee (C)2003

375 Words

Knowing when to makerepparttar right career move and start a home based business is just as important asrepparttar 117256 business you choose to start.

The First Step!

You should honestly examinerepparttar 117257 real reason motivating you to start your own business.

Here are a few questions you should consider:

-Are you simply bored with your job? -Is your career going nowhere? -You feel restricted and unable to express yourself? -You feel your contribution torepparttar 117258 work place is unappreciated? -Your job is very stressful, you want a less stressful career? -Do you hate your boss? -Do you hate your co-workers? -Do you want to make more money? -Do you want express unique talents? -Have you special training you wish to utilize? -Do you haterepparttar 117259 long commute? -You want to spend more time with family?

Step 2

Next, take a full assessment of your skills, training, education, experience inrepparttar 117260 work at home career you are considering.

-Are you experienced in this field, some experience, none? -Do you have training in this field, some training, no training! -Received education, some education, none? -Are you highly skilled in this area, few skills, none?

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