Increase Your Follow On Sales

Written by Tony L. Callahan

You might ask, "What is a follow on sale?" A follow on sale isrepparttar sale of any product or service that comes as a direct result of a previous sale. An example of this type of sale would be selling an upgrade to a an existing software product As we have discussed in other articles, there are companies out there making much more money from follow on sales than from original sales. We have also discussed some specific strategies for increasing your follow on sales, strategies such as: mentioning your complimentary products onrepparttar 127407 thank you page that should follow your order page, giveaways, free training courses, e-zine subscriptions, and mailing lists. All ofrepparttar 127408 strategies mentioned above are excellent ways to increase your follow on sales but they are notrepparttar 127409 only techniques you should be employing. I have also foundrepparttar 127410 following methods to be very successful. 1. If you ship a physical product, include sales and order information for your complimentary products. At minimum include a picture (preferably full color) of your product and a URL thatrepparttar 127411 customer may visit to get information or orderrepparttar 127412 product. A toll free number is a great item to include here. Also include a postcard forrepparttar 127413 customer who does not have ready access torepparttar 127414 Internet. 2. If your product is electronic, like software or an e-book, include an ad for your additional products. This option should be used with caution, people do not like to be nagged by products they paid for. Haverepparttar 127415 ad come up onlyrepparttar 127416 first timerepparttar 127417 product is used or have a disable button on repparttar 127418 pop up. 3. Establish a "private" area of your web site and grant access, for free, to any customer purchasing your products.

Is Your Offer a Bargain? Present the Facts!

Written by /"Wild Bill/" Montgomery

Listing specific facts will aid you in backing up your claims. Listing them is not enough; you must also know how to presentrepparttar facts. You can't just spew them out at your prospect like an erupting volcano. They must flow like a steady slow moving stream. Here are some pointers to help you in proving your offer isrepparttar 127406 one for them:

1) Dramatize Your Facts: Example: John Doe investedrepparttar 127407 last $50.00 of his savings in our program and now John makes over $5000 a month in his spare time!

2) Use "Human Interest" Facts: Present your facts in a clear, straightforward and interesting manner. Write in everyday language that people can understand. Don't get too technical. Don't presentrepparttar 127408 facts from your point of view, rather present them fromrepparttar 127409 prospective customerís point of view.

3) Be Specific: Convey allrepparttar 127410 details that are relevant to your product or offer. How did your product originate? Why was it created? Why is there a need for your product? How can product help them? Give details. Be specific!

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