Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Website In One Simple, Easy Step

Written by Brian Terry

I'm sure you've experienced this before... you visit a website and a small window pops up out of nowhere asking you to subscribe to an E-zine, or maybe something similar.

You might be wondering where it came from? Or think how do I get rid of this annoying window that won't go away!

It's a love, hate thing...

Visit any Internet Marketing web forum and you'll find someone talking aboutrepparttar virtues and pitfalls of pop-up windows. In short no matter what some might say, love them or hate them they getrepparttar 134814 results you need.

There was one article I read recently where someone received 78% of their subscribers fromrepparttar 134815 pop-up window used to promote their E-zine! Others reported a tripling of responses!

The simple fact is pop-up windows get results. The question then becomes how well can you use them without annoying your potential new customer?

Keep things sticky!

I have something here that will help to keep your visitors attention focused on staying at your website and not walking off in frustration.

I spent ages trying to find a piece of Java script that fits this criteria! now that I have it I thought it would be good to share with you today.

It's easy to install... simply adjust a few words then cut and pasterepparttar 134816 script intorepparttar 134817 body of your HTML code.

Dorepparttar 134818 twist!

What's great about this idea of pop-up windows is it doesn't have to be limited to E-zine subscriptions. Use your imagination to add any twists you can. For example it could be used to make sure visitors know about any special offers you may have at your site. They just click on a link and they are taken straight there.

First Impressions

Written by Bob Osgoodby

First impressions are extremely important if you hope to do business onrepparttar Web. After you refine your ads, and if you make your pitch to a targeted group, you will start to get visitors to your web site. Here is where many would be entrepreneurs droprepparttar 134813 ball.

Putting up a web site is not a difficult task, but designing a good one is, and if you don't pay attention, it might be working against you. Think about it,repparttar 134814 web site is not onlyrepparttar 134815 first impression of you and your business, it is crucial to your success or failure.

People don't waste a whole lot of time when visiting a site. If it isn't professional looking, they may just "click away". While looks are important, you must spend time on developing good copy. Copy written by affiliate programs has been seen over and over, and while it may have been effective at one time, it is so overused that people immediately recognize it for what it is.

In addition to good copy, which of course has no spelling, grammar or punctuation errors, it has to clearly state what you are offering. Many web sites offer a real challenge to try to figure out what they are trying to sell. The offer should berepparttar 134816 first thing they see. The information must also flow logically, and not leave a lot of questions unanswered.

In addition to complete information on your offer, it must have a call to action, which enticesrepparttar 134817 visitor to purchase from you. It must also have an order form, or instructions that are easy to follow. It is also a real plus to letrepparttar 134818 prospect know a little bit about you. Your picture onrepparttar 134819 site can go a long way to help instill confidence.

There is some confusion onrepparttar 134820 value of links. Some advocate that a good web site should be divided into separate sections connected by links. Others feel that a single long web page will score higher inrepparttar 134821 search engine rankings.

There are basically two types of links. One goes to a completely separate web page, and is considered an external link. Another type is referred to as an internal link. These point to different "parts" withinrepparttar 134822 same web page. Both have value, however internal links are a little friendlier. If someone clicks on one andrepparttar 134823 next "part" logically flows fromrepparttar 134824 previous one, people will be more inclined to read on.

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