In the News: The Beast Within, Roy Horn and Montecore

Written by Susan Dunn, MA Clinical Psychology, cEQc, The EQ Coach™

Roy Horn and Siegfried Fishbacher have performed around 5,700 shows since they began atrepparttar Mirage in Las Vegas over ten years ago. The signature of their magic show has been their white tigers and lions.

Six shows a week, 44 weeks a year they worked with their big cats on stage, and not once has there been an incident. In fact, according to reports, Montecore nipped at Roy’s arm earlier inrepparttar 126185 show before carrying him off stage and seriously injuring him, without leaving any bite marks.

Which is more than I can say about Baby Kittee here at my own house.

I know all about Baby Kittee's speed and teeth. She is, to quoterepparttar 126186 poet William Blake, “red in tooth and claw.” As I vacuum aroundrepparttar 126187 house, I find wings, scales, tails and other remnants of her nature. Her name was chosen by my granddaughter. It might as well have been “Grownup Killer.” Cats are always one generation away from feral; they do not permanently domesticate, likerepparttar 126188 dog.

Now did you catch that 6 shows a week? According to Horn’s surgeon, Dr. Derek Duke, “A contributing factor to [Roy’s] current condition is his extraordinary will and strong physical attributes. These are significant elements in his ability to recover.” Indeed his “thumbs-up” signal to his partner has been mentioned by reporters. We are told that as he was carried away, he asked thatrepparttar 126189 cat not be put down. “Please don’t shootrepparttar 126190 cat,” he said. “Saverepparttar 126191 cat.”

It was Roy Horn’s 59th birthday (October 23, 2003) when he was performing on stage withrepparttar 126192 7-year-old, 600 pound Royal white tiger, Montecore, thatrepparttar 126193 cat injured him.

Reports fromrepparttar 126194 shocked observers varied, butrepparttar 126195 consensus, now that some time has passed, is thatrepparttar 126196 tiger became fascinated with a woman’s “big hair” inrepparttar 126197 audience, even torepparttar 126198 point of lying down onrepparttar 126199 job, at which point Roy bopped him to get his attention.

Roy then endeavored to stay betweenrepparttar 126200 cat andrepparttar 126201 woman (what’s withrepparttar 126202 “big hair”?) and it was at this point he fell, stage hands rushed forward, and Montecore took action. According torepparttar 126203 head ofrepparttar 126204 Mirage (Mr. Wynne), he didn’t “drag” Roy offstage, nor did he “attack” or “grab” him. Siegfried and other big cat experts agree that if Montecore had meant to dorepparttar 126205 job, he would have shaken him to break his neck, and, as Siegfried said, “There would be no Roy.”

Instead Wynn describes it as a gentle “carry,” like a mother cat carrying her kitten off to safety. It is entirely possible Montecore was heading back to his cage and taking what he cared about with him. In interviews, Roy talks continually of his bonding with his cats. He is present at their birth, and keeps constant company with them. We know that bonding can occur between all mammals because ofrepparttar 126206 limbic brain we share in common. It is how we bond to our own young, and to one another, as do dogs, cats, horses, and other mammals.

In my Emotional Intelligence courses, I userepparttar 126207 example of “the tiger within.” It’s how we describe those primitive brain emotions or reactions that occur automatically, that have to do with fear, aggression and self-preservation. Psychologists call itrepparttar 126208 3F reaction – fight, flight, or fornicate. And that’s aboutrepparttar 126209 only decision reptiles, and lower animals ever have to make. They react to their environment in terms of what it can do to them or for them, they don’t bond with their young (in fact will eat them), and they never learn anything new their entire lifespan. You can’t train an alligator.

We retain this brain. To this we addedrepparttar 126210 mammalian brain,repparttar 126211 limbic brain, what makes us care for our young, bond, be able to empathize, communicate and play … and why when we look intorepparttar 126212 eyes of one another, or another mammal, we see soul, a sentient being. It initiates mutual caring. If that frog inrepparttar 126213 example were actually inrepparttar 126214 boiling water calling out, would it tear at your heartrepparttar 126215 way a baby’s cry does, orrepparttar 126216 wailing of your dog when you leave inrepparttar 126217 morning??

What is your PROBLEM? There Must Be 50 Ways to…

Written by Susan Dunn, MA Clinical Psychology, cEQc, The EQ Coach™

“What is your PROBLEM?” Have you ever gotten exasperated and asked someone that in “that” tone of voice?

Mary: “I want to move near my grandchildren, but how on earth will I move myself up there alone?” You: “Just call a moving company. What is your PROBLEM?”

Abby: “I hate being an entrepreneur, but you have no idea how hard it is to get back into a corporation with allrepparttar downsizing. You: “Just call a career coach. What is your PROBLEM?”

Millicent: “I ought to get a raise, but how on earth do I ask him for one?” You: “Just ask. What is your PROBLEM?”

Antonio: “How on earth do I tell my wife I’m in love with another woman?” You: “Just tell her. What is your PROBLEM?”

Liu: “I hate this house. I hate it.” You: You’ve been saying that for 3 years now. What is your PROBLEM?”

What isrepparttar 126184 PROBLEM whenrepparttar 126185 solution is so EASY?

++Easy to us who are onrepparttar 126186 outside. ++Easy to us who are not emotionally involved and can therefore be objective ++Easy for us who are not hamstrung by ambivalence (indecision) and can think clearly ++Easy for us because we can think logically, andrepparttar 126187 steps are obvious IFrepparttar 126188 decision has been made AND there are no emotions involved.

How do you ask for a raise? Gosh, there must be 50 ways to ask for a raise.

Remember that great old song by Paul Simon, “There Must Be 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover”? He’s talking with a woman …

”The problem is all inside your head,” she tells him. “The answer is easy if you take it logically. I’d like to help you with your struggle to be free. There must be 50 ways to leave your lover.”

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