In Your MLM Business, Donít Forget Customers!

Written by Paul Harris

This may seem an odd way to start focusing on building your MLM business, but in reality itís a key step towards your success and an often overlooked step.

Customers are in fact exactly what make your business legal. The only difference between MLM and a pyramid scheme isrepparttar gathering of customers.

Let me give you several reasons as to why you should start focusing on customers.

First of all, customers can be a quick source of profit forrepparttar 144961 new network marketer. Even thoughrepparttar 144962 big money may not be in these customers, itís a known fact in our industry that unless a new distributor makes money inrepparttar 144963 first 90 days theyíre statistically very likely to drop out ofrepparttar 144964 business.

If your focus is on gathering some customers and bringing in a little bit of money, you will have much more incentive to stay inrepparttar 144965 business and continue working on building and growing your organization.

Most network marketers are told to focus on their warm market when theyíre first trying to build their downline. I personally believe this is a mistake. If you went out and bought a fast food franchise restaurant, you wouldnít ask all your friends and relatives to buy one as well. You would instead ask them to eat at your restaurant; in other words to be your customers.

I believe this isrepparttar 144966 main focus new distributors should have.Instead of focusing on gathering your warm market into your downline, it would be much easier and more productive inrepparttar 144967 long run to make them your best customers and gather confidence by proving that you can work this business.

MLM Consultant- The 5 Things to Look for in Great MLM Consultants

Written by Doug Firebaugh

Consulting in MLM has gotten to be a big business in Network Marketing. Being one myself, I have found that there are good ones out there, and then there are well, not so good ones. You must know what to look for, before you spend a dime with them.

Many MLM Consultants are actually Network Marketers that say they are consultants. You must understand that consulting is a career and profession that demands many things, but being a Network Marketer does NOT automatically qualify one as an expert. Even if they have had great Success in MLM, that may be due to being inrepparttar right place atrepparttar 144913 right time, withrepparttar 144914 right people. That happens in Network Marketing often.

Here arerepparttar 144915 5 things to look for in a good MLM Consultant:

1)A Track record that is available for Inspection.

Any good consultant, no matterrepparttar 144916 industry, will keep their track record available for any kind of inspection by a future client. They have nothing to hide, nor do they want to. The results they have accomplished speak for themselves.

Ask them if they have some clients you could talk to, or get some kind of testimonial. Track records in consulting can meanrepparttar 144917 difference between spending money and getting little, or spending money and getting a lot. Check what they have DONE, not what they said they have done. You will be glad you did.

2)Check for their Credentials.

What kind of solid credentials do they have that would warrant you spending money with them? What kind of education about MLM do they have? What kind of experience do they have in Network Marketing? Do they haverepparttar 144918 right business experience? Have they ever run a business before? What kind of degree do they have if applicable?

Credentials are important in modern day consulting, and not only for you, but also forrepparttar 144919 results you seek from an MLM Consultant. Most consultants have a portfolio they can show you. Ask for it, and study it. You will be glad you did.

3)Look for Professionalism.

Professionalism is a MUST in any field of consulting. Do they come across as a professional? Do they speak as a professional? Do they communicate in a professional manner? How do they handle themselves? How do they handle other people? Do they return phone calls in an efficient manner? Do they keep their phone appointments? Are they prepared forrepparttar 144920 appointment? Do they follow up in a professional manner? Are they pushy, or have your best interests at heart? Do they come across as honest and with integrity?

Being a professional speaks well of a consultant. But here isrepparttar 144921 KEY- are they CONSISTENT in all ofrepparttar 144922 above? And do they do it with a smile on their face? These questions will tell a lot about an MLM Consultant and how they will handle things in any future endeavor.

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