In Sickness And In Health Until Death Do Us Part

Written by Dr. Dorree Lynn

A simple love story

He was young and arrogant and intent on marrying an heiress. Long black hair flying behind her, she walked into his life. He thought he was superior to her. She didn’t notice, as she wasn’trepparttar least bit interested in him. Two years later, madly in love, they married. For twenty years, they fought, loved, fought throughrepparttar 126301 night, made-up and loved. They produced two wonderful children. He went on to be successful. He kept his pain subdued with scotch. She threw outrepparttar 126302 bottles. He found new ones. They almost split, but he went to AA. And, so their marriage went.

Then she became ill and almost died. Her illness returned and she

All You Need Is Love, Is Not True

Written by Dr. Dorree Lynn

The Beatles got it right when they sang: “All you need is love.” But, people tend to get it wrong when they don’t differentiate between being in love and what it takes to have a love relationship. After “kissing a lot of frogs,” hoping your prince or princess will appear, or after a demoralizing dry spell, falling in love seems like a magic potion that will get you throughrepparttar rest of your life.

Being romantically in love feels wonderful. Your beloved seems likerepparttar 126300 most wonderful human being on earth. You are obsessed by him or her day and night,repparttar 126301 world is a shade brighter, and every love song seems to be sung especially for you. Those who have been in love know that it can be a glorious experience that brings outrepparttar 126302 best in you and makes you feel as if you can accomplish almost anything.

But, many of you have also hadrepparttar 126303 experience whererepparttar 126304 feeling of being in love has lead you into a relationship that is diminishing, painful, and has brought outrepparttar 126305 worst in you. Suddenly, or over time, your heavenly feeling is becomes a life of living hell. How can this happen?

People are often confused byrepparttar 126306 feeling of being in love and being in an ever changing love relationship. One can be in love but it does take “two to tango.” A loving relationship requires that both people mutually care about each other. It also requires five big “C’s”: caring, consequences, commitment, conflict resolution, andrepparttar 126307 biggie---all relationships have difficulty continuing without communication.

Caring means both people are genuinely interested inrepparttar 126308 welfare of and desirerepparttar 126309 best forrepparttar 126310 other. To do this you have to realize thatrepparttar 126311 person you love is different from yourself and what pleases them and keeps them happy may not berepparttar 126312 same things that keep you on top ofrepparttar 126313 world.

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