"In Search of Golf's Bad Habits"

Written by Jim McLellan

Nowhere in recorded history is there witness to a baby’s first words being, "Give me a cigarette and a shot of whiskey." Mini humans are not born with these vices. They are acquired. But, heck, you knew that. Let's assume thatrepparttar babe adds a few years to his/her life and bumps intorepparttar 149976 game of golf. The stars and planets are inrepparttar 149977 correct alignment and Sam Snead becomes his golfing bud. Everyday they play golf. The "babe" watches Sam's sweet swing. Sam offers no advice.

The young prodigy watchesrepparttar 149978 master, noticesrepparttar 149979 still head,repparttar 149980 full backswing and follow through. Through osmosis,repparttar 149981 rhythm, andrepparttar 149982 tempo ofrepparttar 149983 swing become part of his swing. Soon, they are both "swinging to music."

Onrepparttar 149984 other hand, let’s sayrepparttar 149985 pup doesn't have this phenomenal happenstance and falls intorepparttar 149986 traps and pitfalls of other ways to "learn"repparttar 149987 golf swing. He takes golf lessons, reads books, and devours golf magazine (and Internet) tips These methods addressrepparttar 149988 thinking part ofrepparttar 149989 brain,repparttar 149990 cerebrum. Motor skills are not acquired with this part ofrepparttar 149991 brain. In paragraph two above,repparttar 149992 golf swing is learnedrepparttar 149993 correct way. The swing is consistent, powerful, reliable, accurate, low maintenance, simple, and will last a life time.

In paragraph three above,repparttar 149994 swing is contrived, complex, confusing, inconsistent, lacks power, and is never understood. The recipient is addicted to searching forrepparttar 149995 swing thatrepparttar 149996 "lucky" kid owns. Those who haverepparttar 149997 "paragraph two" golf swing do not read golf tips and do not take golf lessons. Those who have acquired bad habits throughrepparttar 149998 incorrect approach to findingrepparttar 149999 mysterious beautiful golf swing keep returning torepparttar 150000 source of their bad habits. This, ladies and gentlemen, isrepparttar 150001 first sign of insanity. Are you starting to get it?

Scooooot up a little closer - sorepparttar 150002 Anti-Pros words don't fall onrepparttar 150003 floor before they reach your hammer, anvil, and stirrup...YOU ARE NOT BORN WITH BAD GOLF HABITS...YOU ACQUIRE THEM from some golf pros, bad advice, magazine golf tips, golf books, etc.

Cubs back in the chase (is it for real??)

Written by John Onan

Cubs back inrepparttar chase (is it for real??)

Just when most everyone (including myself) was ready to putrepparttar 149882 proverbial nail inrepparttar 149883 Chicago Cubs coffin, looks as though they are back inrepparttar 149884 NL Wild Card race to stay. After soundly thumpingrepparttar 149885 Pittsburgh Pirates once again at Wrigley on Friday Afternoon, they currently sit 4 ˝ games behind Atlanta and look ready to pounce despite a rash of injuries to their starting rotation and offensive lineup.

I must give credit torepparttar 149886 much maligned Dusty Baker for keeping this team together when it appeared they were likely candidates to fold up like a tent. Also, much praise goes out torepparttar 149887 guys who filled in on Kerry Wood and Mark Prior while they were onrepparttar 149888 disabled list, Glendon Rusch and Sergio Mitre. Baker has plenty reason to be optimistic. "We feel very good and confident that we finally got our pitching staff back that we were starting with," Baker said. "When you can put a guy like Rusch inrepparttar 149889 bullpen and Sergio, it builds everything. Now it's kind ofrepparttar 149890 glue puttingrepparttar 149891 pieces ofrepparttar 149892 puzzle together. I feel a whole lot better having those guys back. It's like having your whole army back."

Now comesrepparttar 149893 hard part for Chicago; they begin a critical stretch of 16 games in 16 days. After finishing uprepparttar 149894 Pirate series, they head to Cincinnati and then facerepparttar 149895 NL Central leading Cardinals. When they finish up this stretch at home vs. Arizona and San Francisco, we’ll all have a better idea of whererepparttar 149896 Cubs stand as contenders or simply another tease torepparttar 149897 long suffering faithful.

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