In Search For Wealth

Written by Nasri Bale

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My eldest son phoned merepparttar other night to let me know that he and his partner was going to have a baby. When I gotrepparttar 138970 news, I was more excited then he was. He seems to be in a state of shock trying to come to grips withrepparttar 138971 can of worms that had just opened.

For merepparttar 138972 news was a mix of joy and a realization that time was catching up with me and thatrepparttar 138973 *financial* success I have crave for, for so long is still a dream. I, like so many others out there are looking for that pot of gold to make life more comfortable. I use to consider *money* as a gauge to determine my success in life. I and like many of you; have tried over and over again to increase my earnings to provide a better life style for my children. I was determined not to grow up like my parents, always struggling.

Donít get me wrong, I had I good childhood except I never saw much of my dad. He was always working. I did not realize until I had my own kidsrepparttar 138974 reason he worked so hard. When Justin was born, I made a personal commitment to provide my children withrepparttar 138975 quality time that I missed with my dad and atrepparttar 138976 same time tried to be a financial success.

My wife Tracee and I have seven children, three boys and four girls. We agree early in our relationship that I would berepparttar 138977 main bread winner and she would stay home and care forrepparttar 138978 children. Asrepparttar 138979 kids were growing up, we would encourage them to play sports and I would help coach their team. This would give merepparttar 138980 opportunity to spend more time with them.

"The Authentic Soul Of Powerful Personal Influence"

Written by Rev Dr John Lutwyche-Clements

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"The Authentic Soul Of Powerful Personal Influence"

- by Rev Dr John Lutwyche-Clements

(c) Rev Dr John Lutwyche-Clements. All Rights Reserved.


Personal influence never stops - for better or for worse. We influence others, and they influence us, in some cases even beyond death. Memories of a deceased parent, teacher, preacher, or mentor continue to dwell with us; in fact, their influence may actually increase with time.

Influence can be subtle. Two people might dorepparttar 138936 same thing or sayrepparttar 138937 same words and yet exert very different influences. Don't be blinded by outward appearances. Your inner impressions are a more accurate gauge of genuineness.

Suppose your own character is somewhat less attractive than you'd like. Maybe you're afflicted by such a bad temper that you constantly feel obliged to overcompensate. The dilemma then arises: you can either continue to go through this charade your whole life; or you can decide to be true to yourself.

If you manufacture a mask of friendship to conceal your irritability, you may affect a cheesy grin, a smoothness of tone, a blandness of vocabulary, a careful control of body language - all ruses to transform your overt hostility into covert hostility! Cool onrepparttar 138938 outside; raging hot within! What a wearying way to spendrepparttar 138939 day!

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