In Love - Out of Love

Written by Deepshikha Mohapatro

I am not asking you to believe every word that I say but listen to your heart and tell me if I am right or wrong. Poetry finds a new charm either when you are in love or out of love. Go back to that old crest bring out that old diary, turn throughrepparttar pages now do you remember when you had written those line. No matter how silly they are it must have been about something beautiful when you were in love with someone really charming. Donít be shocked to find a few more lines on same person blaming him for all your tears.

I donít

Systematic Poetry Techniques - Part Three

Written by Steve Gillman

Have you ever readrepparttar lyrics of a Simon and Garfunkle song? Pure poetry. Want to write poems like that? Start copying them. Let me explain.

The Myth Of Creativity

Creativity is somewhat of a myth. It isn't that it doesn't exist, but people's ideas about it are mis-informed. Many believe that to be creative is to come up with something completely new. There isn't an artist or inventor out there who has done this.

Somebody had to writerepparttar 142881 first four-line verse or haiku poem, right? Now is everyone that uses these forms an uncreative copy-cat? No, of course not. We must copy forms, general ideas and techniques, so why not do it more systematically?

Poem Writing Tricks

Copy a poem you like, and then play withrepparttar 142882 elements. Part ofrepparttar 142883 beauty of a poem is inrepparttar 142884 structure andrepparttar 142885 rhythm. Why not insert your own words into that, to see what happens?

Here isrepparttar 142886 last part of a poem titled "Gratitude." It started by painting a picture ofrepparttar 142887 mountains,and then;

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