In Leadership, Dreams Are The Stuff That Great Results Are Made Of

Written by Brent Filson

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Summary: The importance of motivation in leadership cannot be denied. But most leaders overlook a critical component of motivation,repparttar 139189 human dream. The article describes what dreams really mean inrepparttar 139190 realm of leadership.

In Leadership, Dreams Are The Stuff That Great Results Are Made Of by Brent Filson

Leadership is motivational or it's stumbling inrepparttar 139191 dark. The best leaders don't order people to do a job,repparttar 139192 best leaders motivate people to want to dorepparttar 139193 job.

The trouble isrepparttar 139194 vast majority of leaders don't delve intorepparttar 139195 deep aspects of human motivation and so are unable to motivate people effectively.

Drill down through goals and aims and aspirations and ambitions and you hitrepparttar 139196 bedrock of motivation,repparttar 139197 dream. Many leaders fail to take it into account.

Dreams are not goals and aims. Goals arerepparttar 139198 results toward which efforts are directed. The realization of a dream might contain goals, which can be stepping stones onrepparttar 139199 way torepparttar 139200 attaining dreams. Butrepparttar 139201 attainment of a goal does not necessarily result inrepparttar 139202 attainment of a dream.

For instance, Martin Luther King did not say, "I have a goal." Or "I have an aim." The power of that speech was inrepparttar 139203 "I have a dream".

Dreams are not aspirations and ambitions. Aspirations and ambitions are strong desires to achieve something. King didn't say he had an aspiration or ambition that " day this nation will rise up and live outrepparttar 139204 true meaning of its creed: ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.'" He said he had a dream.

If you are a leader speaking to people's aspirations and ambitions, you are speaking to something that motivates them, yes; but you are not necessarily tapping intorepparttar 139205 heartwood of their motivation.

After all, one might aspire or be ambitious to achieve a dream. But one's aspiration and ambition may also be connected to things of lesser importance than a dream.

A dream embraces our most cherished longings. It embodies our very identity. We often won't feel fulfilled as human beings until we realize our dreams.

If leaders are avoiding people's dreams, if leaders are simply setting goals (as important as goals are), they missrepparttar 139206 best of opportunities to help those people take ardent action to achieve great results.

When Thomas Jefferson wrote inrepparttar 139207 Declaration of Independence that "Governments derive their just powers fromrepparttar 139208 consent ofrepparttar 139209 governed," he was writing about a dream. Not one European government at that time was a democracy. There had been few true democracies inrepparttar 139210 West sincerepparttar 139211 fall ofrepparttar 139212 Athenian democracy more than 2,000 thousand years before. But Jefferson's "dream" motivated people to take action. In fact, that dream motivates people to act aroundrepparttar 139213 world today.

Understandrepparttar 139214 dreams ofrepparttar 139215 people you lead. People will not tell you what they dream until they trust you. They won't trust you until they feel that you can help them attain their dreams. Acquiring that understanding can cement a deep, emotional bond between you.

How to Save Money on Training

Written by Steve Kaye

1) Use a live instructor. Adults learn best by doing, practicing, and experiencing. Effective instructors customize their programs to meet people’s needs, provide counsel on individual challenges, and respond to questions. Videos, CDs, and E-learning are seldom effective for primary learning. Sincerepparttar greatest cost of learning isrepparttar 139165 payroll cost ofrepparttar 139166 participants, you want to make surerepparttar 139167 program delivers results.

2) Hire external experts. They can speak candidly about crucial issues related to complex work skills. They are free of prior encounters with your staff. And they bring a fresh, outside perspective based on a worldwide view (instead of an internal one). Those who specialize in one skill area have developed extensive knowledge. Ideally, choose one who has written books or published articles.

3) Include accountability. Work withrepparttar 139168 instructor to develop a review and reminder process. Plan follow-up sessions to check on progress applying new techniques. Ask your staff to select one change that they plan to make and describe how they will apply it. Then monitorrepparttar 139169 application of changes being made. Include learning as a dimension in performance reviews.

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