In Hollywood As In Life You Never Reach The Top

Written by Stephen Schochet

When Jim Carey was paid $20,000,000 for The Cable Guy, a record breaking salary for a movie star, John Travolta topped him by asking for $20,000,001 forrepparttar movie Michael and got it. But there is always someone who makes more than you. John Travolta was invited to Robin William's birthday party in Northern California. He arrived there in his Lear Jet and was greeted by a cigar smoking Steven Spielberg, who had suggested he takerepparttar 118244 Michael role inrepparttar 118245 first place, and his wife Kate Capshaw.

Wild, Wild Westerns

Written by Stephen Schochet

Inrepparttar early days of Hollywood, for studios like Universal Westerns wererepparttar 118243 easiest films to make. They required very few props and made use ofrepparttar 118244 wide-open spaces available inrepparttar 118245 area. Evenrepparttar 118246 smallest studio, sometimes an empty space between two buildings known as a lot, could easily film outside. It was a cheap and effective way to involve audiences in wild chase scenes involving pure heroes likerepparttar 118247 white clad Tom Mix going after dastardly villains. One time a theater was showing a Western, whenrepparttar 118248 film suddenly broke right atrepparttar 118249 climatic scene. An emotional audience member yelled out," Hurry up and fix it before they get away!"

The master ofrepparttar 118250 Western was John Ford, who felt thatrepparttar 118251 genre wasrepparttar 118252 purest form of movie making. In 1956, he and John Wayne went to their regular spotrepparttar 118253 Monument Valley in Utah to makerepparttar 118254 powerful chase movie The Searchers. Location shooting allowedrepparttar 118255 two old friends to relax by camping out, playing cards and avoiding contact withrepparttar 118256 studio executives that Ford despised. The only problem was unpredictable Utah climate

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