In Excess of Portion

Written by Sherri L Dodd

My husband and I recently visited a popular Chinese restaurant chain. I must say that it is no wonder that this eatery is represented by a rotund little bear. The rice alone equated to around four to five servings…in one meal! This along withrepparttar other generous rations left us both with a few thoughts onrepparttar 135403 lack of self-control versusrepparttar 135404 available meal sizes in some ofrepparttar 135405 fast-er food eateries. We cannot just blamerepparttar 135406 commercialized burger chains for promoting obesity inrepparttar 135407 states. I shake my head in frustration when I see this perfect example ofrepparttar 135408 carbohydrate portion gone awry, followed byrepparttar 135409 whining of diet gurus that revel in a major nutrient’s supposed betrayal.

Givingrepparttar 135410 American consumerrepparttar 135411 benefit ofrepparttar 135412 doubt, I will bet that many of us do not knowrepparttar 135413 actual size of a single serving forrepparttar 135414 many different foods. Subsequently, there is a high propensity to misjudge said portions, especially when they are so abundantly given to you at no extra cost. While it is not necessary to break outrepparttar 135415 measuring cups and spoons atrepparttar 135416 counter of your favorite diner, there is a general rule of thumb about accurate sizing of food. A couple examples are grains and

You Have To Try This Workout

Written by Ryan Cote

I've tried many forms of exercise: weightlifting, martial arts, swimming, running and so on. But there's one form of exercise I started doing about 3 months ago that's proved to be an unbelievable workout....


Now I don't mean with sparring gear on, getting hit inrepparttar head. I'm referring to either using a punching bag by yourself, or punching mitts with a training partner. The workout is exhausting and also somewhat of a stress reliever.

I use Everlast gear because their products hold up. We do three intense 2-minutes rounds each with sit ups in between...I'm telling you, what a workout!

These are purely my recommendations based on past experiences:

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