In Business, Image Isn't Everything; It's The Only Thing!

Written by Chuck and Sue DeFiore

We have all heard this lament, but how much do we practice it. With allrepparttar relaxed rules today, do we really present ourselves inrepparttar 117660 best light. It seems allrepparttar 117661 articles I see today are about how old fashioned today's workers find their supervisors or bosses to be inrepparttar 117662 way they dress,repparttar 117663 policies they implement andrepparttar 117664 old fashioned ways in which they conduct their business.

I am ofrepparttar 117665 belief, and will continue to believe, thatrepparttar 117666 first impression I make isrepparttar 117667 lasting one. Whether it is by phone or in person, I want to present myself inrepparttar 117668 best possible light. But then again, I am fromrepparttar 117669 old school,repparttar 117670 one today's workers are complaining about.

Let's look atrepparttar 117671 companies that are still standing. After allrepparttar 117672 hoopla has passed,repparttar 117673 companies that have usedrepparttar 117674 fundamental principles of Business 101 arerepparttar 117675 ones still among us. The Intels, IBMs, Burger Kings, AT&Ts, Sears, Microsofts, Dells, Gateways, etc.

I am not advocating living inrepparttar 117676 dark ages. I believe for a company to survive it has to move withrepparttar 117677 times, butrepparttar 117678 basic structure and foundation on which we have built our business - image, courtesy, ethics,repparttar 117679 customer being right, arerepparttar 117680 cornerstones to running a successful business, whether it is home-based or not.

Too many home-based business have takenrepparttar 117681 pajama mentality into all of their business practices. I have called on businesses that have cute messages on their machines, music that is obnoxious, children answeringrepparttar 117682 telephone, screaming televisions, radios inrepparttar 117683 background. This does not inspire confidence in me to do business with this person.

That is not to say I have not had reservations about companies that have offices outsiderepparttar 117684 home. In fact, it was a call placed to one that inspired this article. When I called and spoke torepparttar 117685 owner of this business, she had no idea on how a particular process worked or what it's cost would be. Wow, it's her business and she doesn't know how it works or what it costs. Guess who I didn't do business with. I am not saying you have to be an expert, but at least knowrepparttar 117686 basics and tell me you employ an expert in that area that will be better able to help me, don't hem and haw and tell me you don't have a clue. This does not give me a good impression of you or your company.

The Angry and Sometimes Grumpy Children of the 1950's

Written by Chuck and Sue DeFiore

A bunch of us in our late 40's and early 50's got togetherrepparttar other night, and afterrepparttar 117659 evening was over I started thinking that many of us born inrepparttar 117660 1950's are in a crisis stage. People can't understand why we are so angry and grumpy sometimes. This article discusses some ofrepparttar 117661 issues we have with society today and might enlighten others (the younger set) as to why we seem so disillusioned, and out of sorts at times.

The consensus ofrepparttar 117662 group was "is this all there is." We've been working since our teens. A car costs more today than what our parents bought a house for. We work and work and still don't have enough. Food costs have risen astronomically, along with utility costs, insurance costs, and housing costs.

We started laughing at one point and said we sound like our grandparents. However, it is a very sad commentary that what took place for our grandparents over numerous decades, has only taken 20 to 30 years to occur for us. The real scary thing is that salaries for many jobs have not changed over that twenty year period, while our expenses have skyrocketed, and increased one hundred fold.

We all became nostalgic when we talked aboutrepparttar 117663 things we used to do to relax. How so many of those things are gone, or we can't afford to do them any longer. Our kids tell us we don't have a clue about school, sex, music, or what's going on inrepparttar 117664 world. Again,repparttar 117665 laughter abounded withrepparttar 117666 music issues, but became very serious when we talked aboutrepparttar 117667 scary things kids do today, that we wouldn't even have thought of when we were growing up. Killing teachers, and other students never entered our minds. We had respect for our teachers and those in charge.

The next thing we ranted about was our health. For some of us,repparttar 117668 ravages of time have taken place... eyesight problems, arthritis problems, blood pressure problems, "the barnacles of life". The discussion we had onrepparttar 117669 cost of health care was a lively and volatile one to sayrepparttar 117670 least. Many of us who have had major illness problems also went ballistic with regards torepparttar 117671 social security system,repparttar 117672 disability system and Medicare system. The majority of us have worked since our teenage years. We were incredulous when it took over a year to get money fromrepparttar 117673 social security system, especially when we see people playingrepparttar 117674 system who don't deserve it.

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