Improving the ROI of Web Directory Submissions

Written by Will Spencer

Submitting your web site to web directories is a great way to build high-quality inbound links, increase your PageRank, and improve your SERPS.

The Internet now features a large number of both general purpose and specialized directories. The specialized directories focus on a specific topic or region.

Unfortunately, submitting your web site torepparttar plethora of available directories requires a significant investment of time and effort. The key to achieving a positive ROI (Return On Investment) from directory submissions is to focus on those directories which will provide you with high-quality inbound links.

It is important to note that many web directories have issues which prevent them from providing useful links. Takingrepparttar 127825 time understand these issues and submit only torepparttar 127826 directories which will provide value will provide significant time savings in promoting your site.

A Taxonomy of Web Directory Issues

Web Directories Which Are No Longer Managed

A survey of 79 general-purpose web directories revealed that 62% of those web directories do not appear to be processing submissions.

In many cases, this is becauserepparttar 127827 operators ofrepparttar 127828 web directory launched their site with great enthusiasm, became overwhelmed byrepparttar 127829 amount of effort required to maintain a web directory, and stopped maintaining their directory. These operators leave their directories online to take advantage ofrepparttar 127830 residual advertising revenue, but no longer investrepparttar 127831 time required to process directory submissions.

Web Directories which Block Search Engine Robots

Some SEO's believe that they can preserve Google PageRank by not giving outbound links from their web sites.

Web directories which operate in this manner will sometimes block Googlebot and other search engine robots from their directory pages using robots.txt or meta tags.

Before submitting to a web directory, checkrepparttar 127832 PageRank ofrepparttar 127833 directory page upon which you expect your listing to appear. If that page has a PageRank of zero, it could mean thatrepparttar 127834 site operator is blocking Googlebot.

However, this same symptom can also mean thatrepparttar 127835 site orrepparttar 127836 page is new, and has not been assigned Google PageRank yet. To research this further, examinerepparttar 127837 sites robots.txt file andrepparttar 127838 source code torepparttar 127839 directory page upon which you expect your listing to appear.

Web Directories which use Scripted Links

Many web directories use scripted links to avoid leaking PageRank. Scripted links use PHP or JavaScript links to redirectrepparttar 127840 user torepparttar 127841 target page. Although these links work correctly for most site visitors, they do not work for most search engine robots.

To determine if scripted links are in use, place your mouse cursor over an outbound link onrepparttar 127842 directory page upon which you expect to appear. Examinerepparttar 127843 link text which appears inrepparttar 127844 lower left corner of your browser.

Lead Them On - Getting the Spiders to Notice Your Site

Written by John Calder

2004, John Calder

You've found your market, developed a marketing and business strategy, identified or created your products, and finally finished your site. Everything else is in place, and you're ready to get listed inrepparttar search engines. In order to get indexed, you will need to letrepparttar 127824 search engine spiders know about your site inrepparttar 127825 first place.

Are there ways to lurerepparttar 127826 spiders to your site without manual submission? Thankfully yes, and in fact, many professional SEOs recommend that you follow these methods rather than submit your pages directly.

The very best way, if possible, is to get a link to your site from another site that is already indexed, spidered frequently, and is related to your site. This may include mentions in blogs, news releases, and so on. This technique can get you spidered very quickly, sometimes within a few days or less!

You can also stick to tried and true methods such as posting on forums and writing articles for any ofrepparttar 127827 various article directories. If you do this, don't spam. Follow their rules, offer helpful answers, and don't overdo your "sig file". Private membership forums may not be indexed, so be sure thatrepparttar 127828 forums where you post are listed in search results, and that relatively recent posts are displayed.

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