Improving Your Golf Balance

Written by Jason Griffin

The need for balance for golf just sounds so simple and easy. As a golfer, you know that maintaining proper golf balance is a key to a good golf game. And it's more than just havingrepparttar correct stance.

Optimum golf balance depends on three aspects: your visual perception,repparttar 146641 signals fromrepparttar 146642 inner ear, and signals from your muscles and joints. Sometimes these aspects get out of sync, causing a balance disorder. Most of which can be easily fixed with some simple ideas.

A lack of balance usually occurs when your head position changes, which is a good reason to keep your head still during your swing! How many times have you been told or noticed yourself that you looked up during your swing? Everybody wants to see where their ball is going and when you move your head and throw off your balance,repparttar 146643 ball doesn't usually go anywhere. At least not where you wanted it to go. So, keep your head down and still and let your playing partners watch for your ball.

Migraines can attribute to a balance disorder. So if you have frequent migraines, seek medical attention. These headaches can affect your golf game in ways you may never have thought of. Not to mention being just plain painful and debilitating.

Also, don't go spending a fortune on new golf equipment hoping for better play before you check your medicine cabinet to see if any drugs you're taking affect your balance. The condition "ear poisoning" seriously affects your balance. Ear poisoning is usually caused by side effects of some medications. Always be aware ofrepparttar 146644 possible side effects of any prescription drugs you may be taking. This is just good advice allrepparttar 146645 way around, let alone it having an effect on your golf game.

Diuretics can pose a problem as well. So if you're taking any of these and you start feeling dizzy, get medical help! Sometimesrepparttar 146646 dizziness can literally become a lifelong problem, so don't delay in seeking help.

NBA Draft Notes

Written by Seth Berkman

Ifrepparttar 2004-05 season ended five days ago withrepparttar 146577 Spurs regainingrepparttar 146578 crown, thenrepparttar 146579 2005-06 campaign unofficially began last night withrepparttar 146580 58th annual NBA Draft, held at The Theatre at Madison Square Garden. was there, with notes on what its like to experiencerepparttar 146581 draft first hand.

7:00-repparttar 146582 gates open outside MSG, (if youíve never been, most fans enter near Penn Station on 7th Avenue and its unlike entering any other arena. While you can seerepparttar 146583 arenaís structure fromrepparttar 146584 outside, when you walk in its almost as if you are entering a stadium inside of a building.) The Knick City Dancers greet fans with sweatbands and towels- as a diehard Nets fan, I promptly wiperepparttar 146585 sweat from my brow all overrepparttar 146586 orange and blue Knicks logo.

7:02- Asrepparttar 146587 crowd begins to enter,repparttar 146588 talk amongrepparttar 146589 predominately Knick contingency voices their overwhelming affection for Channing Frye. Some Illinois fans are seen as well as a large contingent of Syracuse enthusiasts- there is only so much orange one person can take.

7:05- After walking throughrepparttar 146590 lobby and towardsrepparttar 146591 Theatre, which is separate from MSG itself,repparttar 146592 NBA shows that even inrepparttar 146593 off-seasonrepparttar 146594 marketing and draining of millions of corporate dollars doesnít stop, as fans are given War ofrepparttar 146595 World T-shirts and posters and handheld radios compliments of AMEX.

7:07- Arriving in my seat inrepparttar 146596 300 section, I notice thatrepparttar 146597 overly priced ticket I bought is in prime location, dead center and not too far back. I also learn after riding on a train in from Jersey forrepparttar 146598 past few hours, that Utah has swapped picks with Portland. The fans next to me start exclaiming that they must be going after Deron Williams of Illinois...weíll see. (We also found out Jiri Welsch was traded to Milwaukee, but no one seems to care). One thing you notice aboutrepparttar 146599 setup ofrepparttar 146600 area is thatrepparttar 146601 "green room," which sometimes appears to be backstage or in an off location is actually right down byrepparttar 146602 front ofrepparttar 146603 stage by allrepparttar 146604 fans. ESPNís NBA shootaround crew are stationed torepparttar 146605 left ofrepparttar 146606 stage, with Stuart Scottís interview zone behind them.

7:10- Uber-Knick fan Spike Lee makes his way throughrepparttar 146607 crowd to applause. He seems focused on thinking of new targets to yell at withrepparttar 146608 retirement of Reggie Miller.

7:10-7:30- I notice that even afterrepparttar 146609 season lets out, everyone loves to rock a jersey. Some ofrepparttar 146610 more notable replicas seen; Bryant Reeves (Grizzlies), Darko Milicic (Pistons), Patrick Ewing (Georgetown), Jameer Nelson (Magic) and of course only in New York, a Mike Sweetney jersey.

7:30- David Stern walks out to a loud chorus of boos and some cheers. One thing you canít tell on television is how loud and raucous a crowd is at a draft

1st Pick- Andrew Bogut is announced, some fans start a chant of Sam Bowie. The two or three Bucks fans in attendance seem pleased.

2nd Pick- Marvin Williams. Big ovation fromrepparttar 146611 crowd, asrepparttar 146612 Carolina fans in attendance; family, alumni and those onrepparttar 146613 bandwagon go crazy.

3rd Pick- Deron Williams. The obvious choice to runrepparttar 146614 Jazz is greeted warmly, but some fans yell thatrepparttar 146615 second coming of Stockton, he is not.

4th Pick- Chris Paul. Loud ovation for another ACC star, some ofrepparttar 146616 Carolina contingent begin to chant, "Overrated!" Dick Vitale is shown onrepparttar 146617 screen, beginning his annual spiel of how this kid who went to college will excel atrepparttar 146618 next level.

5th Pick- Raymond Felton. The crowd once again goes wild as that makes two UNC players inrepparttar 146619 top 5. Almost 25 family and friends of Felton are sitting behind me, ecstatic that their boy will be staying inrepparttar 146620 Tar Heel state...and probablyrepparttar 146621 fact that theyíll get to meet Nelly now.

6th Pick- Martell Webster. The first surprise pick, a lot of people didnít expect Webster to go this high. I notice in between picks that onrepparttar 146622 ESPN studio setup, nobody seems to notice that Jay Bilas is there. Stephen A. Smith, Greg Anthony, Mike Tirico, they all converse in between picks, but Bilas just sits there with his hands folded.

7th Pick- Charlie Villanueva. Another first round shocker,repparttar 146623 UConn faithful applaud loudly. Right afterrepparttar 146624 6-11 forward exits stage left,repparttar 146625 hype begins forrepparttar 146626 Knicks selection.

8th Pick-Before Stern walks out,repparttar 146627 crowd is loudrepparttar 146628 entire five minutes leading up torepparttar 146629 selection. A lot of "Gerald Green" chants go around, followed by some "Channing Frye" uprisings. The buzz continues asrepparttar 146630 Commish steps torepparttar 146631 podium, then all of a sudden, like a Roman emperor speaking to a crowd, there is a complete silence with everyone standing on their feet, then Fryeís name is called to a mostly warm reaction.

9th Pick- Ike Diogu is picked, there are a lot of shocked fans inrepparttar 146632 crowd. Some of it is because they didnít expect him to go so high (I personally am upset because I wanted to see him in a Net uniform),repparttar 146633 rest is probably because supposed top 5 pick Gerald Green is still onrepparttar 146634 board.

10th Pick- The Laker fans next to me begin a "Gerald Green" chant of their own. One of them has been talking fromrepparttar 146635 beginning how he wished Green would be available...and now he is. (If youíve never been to a draft, I say that any real NBA fan who lives inrepparttar 146636 area MUST go. Itís a few hundred people who all have a deep passion and knowledge of basketball and who talk nothing but hoops for four hours.) Andrew Bynum is selected and there is a sense of confusion byrepparttar 146637 crowd, butrepparttar 146638 Laker fans next to me heads drop in dismay as their buddies laugh at them. I wonder where Kobe is at this moment?

11th Pick- One thing I notice, I donít know if they showed a clock onrepparttar 146639 screen at home, butrepparttar 146640 one aboverepparttar 146641 draft board, it always goes to 0:00 and then it takes another minute or so, or whenever Stephen A. Smith stops talking, for them to go torepparttar 146642 next pick. Fran Vazquez isrepparttar 146643 pick andrepparttar 146644 confusing looks continue throughrepparttar 146645 crowd.

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