Improve Your Self Image – Improve Your Body Shape

Written by Cheryl Haining

Improve Your Self Image – Improve Your Body Shape How you see yourself and feel about yourself is vital to your success and happiness. You can achieve your desired goals withrepparttar right tools. A regular mental workout will keep your self-image in shape.

Self Image This is a generally neglected area in people’s life. It is closely connected torepparttar 131273 success or failure of any undertaking. Self-image is your true opinion of yourself. A personal account of who you are, visually, mentally and physically. Most of us do not work on our self-image. We battle against it, disbelieving and ignoring its existence. History repeats itself when we do not attend torepparttar 131274 needs of our self-image. Learn how to improve your self-image by puttingrepparttar 131275 following steps into practice. When you apply these principles on a daily basis you will see amazing results.

Self-diagnosis Make a list of allrepparttar 131276 negative thoughts you have about yourself. Things like “I always eat ‘bad foods’, my life is always a mess, I procrastinate, I am no good at this, what if it doesn’t work?” etc. When you have finished write another list including everything you like about yourself. Make this list longer thanrepparttar 131277 first. Only use positive language. “I am a good listener, I dress well, I understand nutrition, I am always on time” etc. Now take every item on your negative list and create its positive opposite. “I always eat bad foods” becomes “I can choose to eat healthy foods”. This new list becomes your active List for Improvement. This is a very important step. The brain will accept as true allrepparttar 131278 information you feed it.

Decide on your new Self Image Now that you have an improvement list, create a new image for yourself. Regularly visualize yourself doing and being everything on your list. Vividly depictrepparttar 131279 areas of your life you are changing or improving. When you go to bed at night spend 5-10 minutes watchingrepparttar 131280 new you. You may be thinner, have a great body shape, very fit, fantastic friends and social life. These mental images retrain your self-image and reinforce your desires. The brain doesn’t knowrepparttar 131281 difference between what is real and what is vividly imagined. You can turn your desired images into reality. Decide you want a new image and get busy mentally creating it.

Focus on success. Keep a daily diary listing all your successes. As you progressrepparttar 131282 number of entries will grow. Your self-image will strengthen and mirror your list of improvements, giving positive reinforcement torepparttar 131283 new you.

Plan And Dream a New Body Shape

Written by Cheryl Haining

Young children are full of dreams of what they will do, be, see when they grow up. As adults most of us have given uprepparttar habit of having big dreams. Or if we do, never following through with them. Why do so many people let their dreams die unlived?

One reason isrepparttar 131271 negative cynical attitudes of other people. These people are not enemies they are friends, even family members. If our friends are negative towards our dreams or aspirations –our friends can kill our dreams.

A person gets excited aboutrepparttar 131272 possibility of losing weight, getting in shape or another new idea. They seerepparttar 131273 opportunity to make a healthy life change, do more meaningful work, rise to a personal challenge, change their lifestyle. They get excited about this stimulating new prospect. But then they tell their neighbour about it overrepparttar 131274 back fence one evening. The neighbour gets a smirk, a laugh that says, “You can’t do that”, a foot long list of allrepparttar 131275 problems and obstacles and fifty reasons why they will never make it and are better off to stay where they are.

The person’s enthusiasm disintegrates. They lose all their excitement and self-confidence and begin to think of allrepparttar 131276 reasons why they can’t succeed this time, when they have failed before, instead ofrepparttar 131277 reasons they can succeed in their new healthy life plan. They have letrepparttar 131278 negative attitude of someone else become more powerful than their belief in their dream of a thinner, fitter person, whose health is greatly improved. Friends can do more damage than a dozen enemies. Remember,repparttar 131279 easiest thing to find on earth is someone to tell you allrepparttar 131280 things you cannot be. Don’t listen to them. Often they haverepparttar 131281 best intentions. They don’t want you to be hurt or disappointed. Sometimes they have a vested interest in you remaining overweight and perhaps less attractive. Often those that try to steal your dreams are really thinking of themselves. If you have a dream of a new you give it a chance to happen. Don’t let your sister-in-law,repparttar 131282 plumber orrepparttar 131283 person inrepparttar 131284 next office, rob you of that faith in yourself and your new body shape. It is that belief in your dream that makes it into a reality. Don’t letrepparttar 131285 person who lives onrepparttar 131286 couch and watches TV every night tell you how futile life is.

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