Improve Your Income

Written by Gordon Goh

We all want to improve our top line - our income - be it our salary or business profits. Here arerepparttar 5 Ways to make it happen: 1. You need to figure out what you want, and don't settle for anything less without a struggle. Build a fortress around your desires. Figure out how badly you want it. Figure out how you are going to get it. Form a plan and reward yourself alongrepparttar 119436 journey. The difference between an achiever and a super achiever is thatrepparttar 119437 super achiever gets out of his comfort zone and tacklesrepparttar 119438 tough stuff. Modest achiever attempts to survive on their reputation. Learn from people who have done it before. Those people are always set high goals and achieve for themselves.

2. Keep pushing yourself. Doing one hard thing a day lifts your momentum, confidence level, self-esteem and providesrepparttar 119439 sheer joy of success. 3. Be Sales Oriented. Everyone inrepparttar 119440 whole company should be salesperson. Go for more sales calls and more activities to getrepparttar 119441 sale.

4. Focus. Do as you plan and don't let anybody steal your day. People can steal your day with their negative emotions, and sometimes they don't even know that they are doing this. Gravity is always there, and pulls you up through strong focus. Focus onrepparttar 119442 most profitable activity. First you need to know what products and services you should be focusing on based onrepparttar 119443 80/20 rules. Then haverepparttar 119444 profile of your ideal customer and list out allrepparttar 119445 characteristics. Third is to find more customers who want to do business with you. Go get more customers, and embark on creative and aggressive marketing to make it happen.

Employees - Treat them the way they Expect to be Treated

Written by Alan Fairweather

When you have to deal with one of your team who's complaining to you, rather than allowing your negative programmes to take over, get your thinking part in gear and try to seerepparttar situationrepparttar 119435 way they see it. You don't necessarily have to agree with them but perhaps you can empathise with their point of view.

The successful manager thinks aboutrepparttar 119436 people they have to deal with, is sensitive to how they see things and knows that they might think differently than they do.

Let me give you an example: I've always had a thing about good timekeeping; it's something that's been programmed into my brain. If you agree to meet me at 8.30 inrepparttar 119437 morning, I'll be there at 8.20; I will always do my utmost be on time.

So I used to get angry when a member of my team would show up late for a meeting or an appointment with me. When I got angry I'd get stressed and end up saying something that I regretted later. Therefore, I learned to start thinking aboutrepparttar 119438 situation and try to see it from their point of view and not let my programming run my brain.

That doesn't mean to say I ignoredrepparttar 119439 lateness or did nothing about it; I thought very carefully about what I wanted to say and spoke torepparttar 119440 team member about how we would resolve this situation.

The point about this is - I'm not prepared to allow that team member's behaviour to run my mind. Getting angry and stressed is not good for our health and it isn't a productive way to motivate our team.

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