Improve Your Golf Game With This Secret Weapon

Written by Mike Pedersen

Any golfer who has made any effort to improve their golf game will have already heardrepparttar often-repeated expression that golf is all inrepparttar 142040 mind and thatrepparttar 142041 game starts there.

But what many golfers do not know is that they fail to improve their golf game because their minds are not prepared for what they must do to make significant progress.

Mentionrepparttar 142042 word ‘exercise’ to most amateur golfers and rather than getting enthusiastic about using it to improve their golf game, they will start seeing images of heavy sweating from rigorous exercises. The sort of rigorous exercises that super athletes inrepparttar 142043 NFL or NBA have to do regularly in some gym.

Their minds are tightly shut torepparttar 142044 idea of exercises such that they can never get torepparttar 142045 point where they can examinerepparttar 142046 subject deeper to find out what sort of exercises professional golfers do to improve their golf game and maintainrepparttar 142047 quality of their performances as much as possible.

The Biomechanics Of A Golf Swing Can Teach You Plenty

Written by Mike Pedersen

The biomechanics ofrepparttar golf swing can be very revealing aboutrepparttar 142026 game of golf and specificallyrepparttar 142027 scientific difference between amateurs and professionals, winners and losers.

But what is biomechanics?

Biomechanics or Motion Capture Technology (MOCAP) isrepparttar 142028 mechanical analysis of body motion. Studying and understandingrepparttar 142029 physics of a golf swing by analyzingrepparttar 142030 biomechanics ofrepparttar 142031 golf swing can be very revealing. This is usually achieved withrepparttar 142032 help of high speed video technology.

The twisting golf swing produces torque onrepparttar 142033 golf club. The greatest determinant on how far you will hitrepparttar 142034 ball lies inrepparttar 142035 speed at whichrepparttar 142036 club will be moving at, as it connects withrepparttar 142037 ball atrepparttar 142038 bottom of your swing. The faster your club will be going atrepparttar 142039 bottom of your swing,repparttar 142040 greaterrepparttar 142041 amount of kinetic energy that will be transferred fromrepparttar 142042 club head torepparttar 142043 ball andrepparttar 142044 furtherrepparttar 142045 ball will go.

Results fromrepparttar 142046 close study ofrepparttar 142047 biomechanics of a golf swing indicate some fascinating facts. For instance professional golfers can generally achieve a club head speed of 100 M.P.H. atrepparttar 142048 bottom of their swing. Fascinatingly, however, legendary golfer Tiger Woods can reach upto 125 M.P.H.

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