Improve Gas Mileage Without Damaging Your Car

Written by Marilyn Pokorney

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Please leaverepparttar 102765 resource box intact with an active link, and send a courtesy copy ofrepparttar 102766 publication in whichrepparttar 102767 article appears to: --------------------------------------------------------- Many ofrepparttar 102768 gas saving devices being advertised do not work and can actually damage your vehicle.

After evaluating and testing more than 100 alleged gas- saving devices,repparttar 102769 Environmental Protection Agency has found only a few that improve mileage and none that do so significantly.

The gas-saving products onrepparttar 102770 market seem to fall into clearly defined categories. These include, but are not limited to: air-bleed devices, vapor-bleed devices, liquid injection devices, ignition devices, fuel line devices, mixture enhancers, internal engine modification devices, fuels and fuel additives, oils and oil additives, and driving habit modifiers.

The EPA evaluates or tests products to determine whether their use will result in any measurable improvement to fuel economy. However,repparttar 102771 EPA cannot say what effect gas-saving products will have on a vehicle over a long period of time. It is possible that some products may harmrepparttar 102772 car or adversely affect its performance.

For example, if an "air bleed" device actually adds significant amounts of air torepparttar 102773 air-and-fuel mixture, it may cause an engine to misfire, a condition which greatly increasesrepparttar 102774 potential engine damage or mechanical failure. This is especially likely to happen on cars manufactured between 1974 and 1982, because their carburetors are pre-set for a maximum amount of air to be burned withrepparttar 102775 fuel. "Air-bleed" devices will not work at all on many cars manufactured after 1982, because these cars have "feedback" carburetors that automatically adjustrepparttar 102776 air-and-fuel mixture renderingrepparttar 102777 device useless.

Honda Accord 2005: The Weekly Driver Review

Written by James Raia

The Honda Accord is arguablyrepparttar most reliable, well-respected vehicle onrepparttar 102763 road today. It's notrepparttar 102764 most luxurious orrepparttar 102765 fastest car. It doesn't have luxury car status or solicit overt double-takes from passersby.

But what it does is have is plenty of high marks in nearly every ranked category comfort to acceleration, instrument control efficiency to ride quality. And what it will likely earn viarepparttar 102766 public is its overwhelming best-buy status in many consumer guides.

The 240-horsepower, automatic V6 EX sedan was my weekly test vehicle. The 350 miles I droverepparttar 102767 car included a 200-mile trip to San Francisco. The outbound ride was smooth, particularly considering Honda's surprisingly easy-to-use navigation system.

The return trip, unfortunately, began atrepparttar 102768 peak of rush-hour traffic. It took nearly an hour to drive only a few miles out ofrepparttar 102769 middle ofrepparttar 102770 financial district and ontorepparttar 102771 freeway.

Gridlock is never a good thing, with perhaps only one exception - fodder for a car review. During my hour in bumper-to-bumper traffic, a few drivers lost their temper. A few bicyclists maneuvered throughrepparttar 102772 slow-moving maze a little too close to my car. A few pedestrians' patience levels were tested in hustle-bustle of a big city at 4:30 p.m. And a guy even got out of his car, walked across two lanes of standstill traffic, tapped on my window and asked if I could move back slightly so he could enter a parking lot.

As a testament torepparttar 102773 new Accord's comfort, withrepparttar 102774 windows rolled up,repparttar 102775 stereo on and no place to go, all was fine. Even a stranger knocking onrepparttar 102776 window a potential road rage scenario wasn't a problem. The guy asked nicely and I cordially obliged.

Sincerepparttar 102777 Accord was introduced in 1976, Honda has refinedrepparttar 102778 model nearly every year, with this year's offering no different.

The 2005 Honda has all ofrepparttar 102779 same qualities ofrepparttar 102780 top-rated 2004 model, plus more. The V6 models now haverepparttar 102781 added standard safety features of traction control as well as front torso and side curtain air bags. Dual-zone automatic climate controls, leather upholstery, leather-wrapped steering wheel, heated front seats, satellite race, outside-temperature indicator, 6-disc CD changer, power sunroof and navigation system with voice control are also standard features that placerepparttar 102782 Accord close to a luxury classification, yet still underrepparttar 102783 $30,000 price point.

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