Improve Conversion Rates – Effective Content

Written by Halstatt Pires

Your site is fast and getting traffic, but conversion rates are disappointing. You may have problems withrepparttar tone of your content

Do You Believe?

You must have passion forrepparttar 142478 product or service you are providing. If you don’t believe in it, why should visitors to your site? A lack of belief will result in weak content and poor conversion rates. If you are selling quality, you are doingrepparttar 142479 prospect a favor. The tone of your site should reflect this inrepparttar 142480 content.

To effectively convert prospects, every entry page of your site must tell visitors:

1. What you offer,

2. How they will benefit, and

3. Demand they take action.

Entry Pages

Many sites have conversion problems related to entry pages. Most people automatically envisionrepparttar 142481 home page asrepparttar 142482 sole entry path torepparttar 142483 site. Sweat, blood and tears are spent makingrepparttar 142484 home page just write. Conversely, a fraction ofrepparttar 142485 same effort is applied to internal pages. This is a fundamental mistake.

If server statistics are checked, you may be surprised to find significant amounts of traffic entering your site through internal pages of your site. Yes, a large percentage of visitors are enteringrepparttar 142486 site without seeingrepparttar 142487 home page. If your “hook” is only onrepparttar 142488 home page, your conversions will suffer. Make sure you have a concise summary of your service andrepparttar 142489 benefits on every entry page torepparttar 142490 site and conversions will improve.

Buying Links for Free Traffic-Is it Worth the Price?

Written by Leah J Bradshaw

The debate rages on forums all overrepparttar internet-should one buy text links to improve traffic? Here we'll dicuss some ofrepparttar 142239 aspcets of buying links.

First, many link text brokerage sites sell links from a network of websites that may or may not have

relevance to your own website. The problem here is one would be trading value for quantity. If a link

is of no interest to visitors of these network of sites thenrepparttar 142240 traffic from these sites will be very low.

The only value ofrepparttar 142241 link would be to boost page rank. But whether these links will boost page rank is debateable at best. Many SEO experts believe that a link that is not relevant torepparttar 142242 page from whichrepparttar 142243 link is on is penalized by Google.

Still there are those who question this reasoning simply because Google bombing still works, as does blogspam. The topic is very debateable. Many claim that google can't differentiate between a link that is paid for and one that is not. Logically this is correct, but Google can spiderrepparttar 142244 contents of a page, and ifrepparttar 142245 links on that page are of no relevance torepparttar 142246 rest ofrepparttar 142247 contentrepparttar 142248 spider knows.

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