Importance of Network Monitoring

Written by Adam Palmer

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Introduction Ethernet Internet Protocol TCP,UDP and ICMP Tcpdump Basics Ethereal Dsniff Snort and IDS Fundamentals Putting it together

Introduction ------------

Reading network traffic is essential for system administrators, network engineers, and security analysts. At some point there will be a need to readrepparttar network traffic directly instead of monitoring application

Recovering Microsoft Great Plains Customization – tips for IT Director

Written by Andrew Karasev

Remember nice and prosperous Clinton era? When you implemented innovative those old days accounting application – Great Plains Dynamics. And did a lot of customizations to fit your business requirements precisely. You still rememberrepparttar names of consultants and programmers who didrepparttar 142660 job and probablyrepparttar 142661 name ofrepparttar 142662 company – Great Plains reseller in your business metro. This company more likely doesn’t exist inrepparttar 142663 same form – either closedrepparttar 142664 doors or merged and transformed to something else. When you tried to contact former programmers – they more likely nicely let you know that they do not do this any more – they got completely different job and profession. Great Plains Software was acquired by Microsoft and not part of Microsoft Business Solutions. In old good days Great Plains Software was taking care of popularizing its customization and growing Great Plains Dexterity programming expertise. Nowadays Microsoft Business Solutions has more concerns on merging all its ERP applications: Great Plains, Solomon, Navision, Axapta and making them run together as a set of modules (project Green). •Dex Programmers Pool. Well, you may say – anyway let’s place ad and look at five Dex programmers to choose from and make an upgrade to our really advanced customization for Great Plains Dynamics on Pervasive SQL. We’ll move it to Microsoft Great Plains on MS SQL Server 2005. In about month you may realize that nobody actually replied to your ad and you got only couple of Indian offshore development companies general offers to contract them software development you might need. Where are allrepparttar 142665 local Dex programmers. The answer is – they more likely do not exist anymore •Great Plains Customization Partners. Programmers were laid off and transformed their career to something else. Dexterity programmers still exist but they had to move and get a job with nation-wide Microsoft Great Plains Customization Partner. The same should be said about Great Plains Modifier/VBA, Continuum for VB and Delphi, ReportWriter and Great Plains Integration Manager VBA programmers. These technologies, especially Dexterity source code programming and require substantial dedication. In some cases these people become project managers and lead offshore development force

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