Imagining the Life of Mary, Mother of Jesus

Written by Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur

So little is said about Mary,repparttar mother of Jesus, inrepparttar 147680 Gospels. We can only imagine her thoughts and feelings as she went from being a simple Jewish girl torepparttar 147681 mother ofrepparttar 147682 Son of God. In "Shalom, Mary: Lettersrepparttar 147683 Blessed Virgin Might have Written", Kathleen Culligan Techler has done just that. This is indeed a work of fiction. Obviously, no one but Mary herself (and God above) know whatrepparttar 147684 experience was like for her. Yet, in reading "Shalom, Mary", one getsrepparttar 147685 sense that it might have been this way. This is a human Mary struggling to make sense ofrepparttar 147686 unusual set of circumstances she has found herself in.

Techler has Mary share her intimate thoughts with Rebekah, a girlhood friend who has since moved away. The letters begin with news ofrepparttar 147687 Annunciation. Here we find Mary not sure how to tell her parents or her betrothed she is pregnant: "Whateverrepparttar 147688 future brings, I want to do God's will. My sonrepparttar 147689 Son of God! How can I tell my parents? . . . And what of Joseph? . . . How could he possibly accept this news asrepparttar 147690 truth?" Yes, you can almost seerepparttar 147691 scared teenager confiding her secret to her dearest friend. Throughrepparttar 147692 years, Mary shares her perspective on her trip to visit Elizabeth, Jesus' birth andrepparttar 147693 strangers that came to visit them in Bethlehem, their hurried journey to Egypt, and Jesus growing up. She tells of everyday occurrences such as meals made andrepparttar 147694 joy of watching Joseph and Jesus work together inrepparttar 147695 workshop. Techler's Mary speaks with a mother's pride: "I know you are smiling, Rebekah, at my pride in Jesus and his accomplishments. We mothers are all alike, aren't we?"

Jesus in Wales

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

The next few days were as hectic and exciting as any days Jesus could remember. The never-ending stream of people who wanted to meet him actually increased each day. Taliesin (Perhapsrepparttar author ofrepparttar 147564 Hanes Taliesin which tellsrepparttar 147565 story ofrepparttar 147566 Merovingians back to Melchizedek.) and others spread word ofrepparttar 147567 most interesting young man who already knew so much, but was there to learn from their own great teachers and adepts. People felt a presence when they were in his company. Sometimes he would say little and listen but askrepparttar 147568 most insightful questions and occasionally they would hear a sentence or two when he was challenged by someone else’s questions that shone an entirely different light. His passion was immediately felt when his eyes lit up and few who spent much time around him as he traveled with Mary and her father were ever left with any feeling thatrepparttar 147569 legends growing around him were anything less than true. But he hungered to spend serious time inrepparttar 147570 schooling of Ogham andrepparttar 147571 healing arts ofrepparttar 147572 Beth-Luis-Nion from Diancecht.

“I just wanted you to get a feel forrepparttar 147573 enormity of my enterprises andrepparttar 147574 trade that supports it from mining and other assets we have throughoutrepparttar 147575 whole wide world. I suppose you have picked up a few clues when you see non-indigenous precious stones like jade andrepparttar 147576 plethora of furs unlike any others you have known.” Joseph remarked as they traveled in a carriage towards a town called Penwith where they were to talk torepparttar 147577 miners ofrepparttar 147578 Ding Dong Mine.

“But there is no great motivation for me in money, Joseph. I seek for knowledge andrepparttar 147579 Isle of Avalon hasrepparttar 147580 people like Diancecht and Taliesin that will serve Mary and me some truly delectable delights. I look forward to contributing to and readingrepparttar 147581 Coelbren (Kolbrin).”

“It is important to knowrepparttar 147582 forces you are up against is it not?” Joseph smiled.

“Yes, you are right about that.” Jesus replied. “And I will address this torepparttar 147583 miners as I did long ago atrepparttar 147584 Temple withrepparttar 147585 ‘money-changers’.”

“Is that OK with you Father?” Mary worriedly asked.

“I will never stand inrepparttar 147586 way of our young lord.”

Like most mines it was a veritable hell-hole and dangerous place even thoughrepparttar 147587 living quarters were better than most and there were no slaves. It was one of those places that many who had been slaves, who were from Africa and all manner of places, were working; and Jesus was appalled after a brief tour. Joseph introduced Jesus torepparttar 147588 crowd of mostly miners who stood sullenly inrepparttar 147589 amphitheatre.

“I join in your pain ‘brothers’. I feel it and I worry about allrepparttar 147590 ways that people make money onrepparttar 147591 backs of other life. I know many of you are in a far better place here than you once were forced to experience but it does not changerepparttar 147592 abject horror I feel andrepparttar 147593 reason I will now be driven to always fight againstrepparttar 147594 forces of power and greed. You and I may not seerepparttar 147595 world change in our lifetime but I will give my life inrepparttar 147596 cause of Brotherhood and egalitarian or free-thinking opportunities for all life on earth. Verily I say unto thee – he that suffersrepparttar 147597 least little hurt in this world is diminished but I and all others are just as diminished. In fact those who diminish others are even more to sufferrepparttar 147598 karmic outcome ofrepparttar 147599 acts done in their name.”

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