Image and name recognition can provide a constant stream of referrals.

Written by Michael J. Berry

Does your product sell itself or does your image and name recognition determine your amount of sales?

Image is a powerful management tool and too often we over look it. Let's face it. If you are not a corporation with millions of dollars for yearly television or newspaper advertising you are marketing your business on a limited budget with limited marketing experience. Maximizing your initial investment and turning those spent dollars into sales can determine your business longevity.

Image and name recognition can provide a constant stream of referrals. Consumers know your business and know enough about you to make a commitment. Who is your audience? Who is buying from you? Why do they buy from you?

If you are standing in quicksand chest deep it's time to reinvent your marketing routine. Hirerepparttar professional.

Your method of communications, available time, writing ability and knowledge ofrepparttar 108053 media determine your success. If this is not one of your strongest qualities hiringrepparttar 108054 "pro" can be a smart decision. Most copyrwriters can be hired on a yearly retainer as an independent sub contractor. a fraction ofrepparttar 108055 cost of hiring a full time employee. A reputable copywriting service provides instant experience and expertise.

What do Copyrighters Do?

Whenrepparttar 108056 word "copyright" comes to mind it reminds your ofrepparttar 108057 United States Copyright Office in Washington D.C. this isn't so. A professional copywriter writesrepparttar 108058 words contained in brochures, sales pamplets and other communications. They maximize and focus your audience toward your product and service in simple and easy to read communications. A good copywriter can outline your product(s) and highlight your selling points. More importantly he or she can develop a short and precise profile to maximize your market visiability. It is worthrepparttar 108059 time and investment.

How To Write Eye-Grabbing Headlines That Catapult Your Prospects Into Your Ads

Written by William Swayne

If you're interested in improvingrepparttar selling results of your ads, tweaking your headlines is a great place to start. Because your headlines influencerepparttar 108052 sales results of your ad more than any other element.

A great ad withrepparttar 108053 wrong headline can bomb, whereas a great headline on an average ad will probably do OK. Let's take a look at a few techniques for coming up with sales-boosting headlines. First things first: Avoid these proven sales-killing "headlines" likerepparttar 108054 pox:

1. Your company name

2. A generic industry or service category (e.g. "Plumbing Contractor")

3. Or on a website or brochure, "Welcome to ABC Industries"

The points above sound basic (and they are), but it's surprising how many ads and websites make those mistakes.

So you've avoided those mistakes. What techniques can you use to create great selling headlines that practically catapult your readers into your ad? Here are a few ideas...

1. Call out to your target audience

If your message is aimed at stockbrokers, mention "stockbrokers" inrepparttar 108055 headline.

2. Mention specific benefits

Face it - consumers are jaded. We all are. Heck, I can hardly get out of bed inrepparttar 108056 morning :) General statements like "Lose weight fast" or "Save Money on _____" are no longer effective. Specific numbers and images evoke much more potent images in your prospects' minds than generalities. That's why they sell much better.

3. Use vivid, evocative verbs

Especially online, high-energy headlines work very well.

Here's a headline that uses all 3 ofrepparttar 108057 above techniques...

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