Image Treadmills Are Designed for the Average Person in Mind

Written by Tim Gorman

Image treadmills are distributed by Icon Health and Fitness, a large retail company that produces Reebok and Nordic Track. Althoughrepparttar Image name may not be as widely recognized, their equipment offers an extensive selection of features for an extremely reasonable price. In actuality, Image treadmills give you comparable quality torepparttar 144897 more well-known Icon Fitness machines for a much lower cost.

The Image company prides themselves on designing a well-constructed, durable treadmill suitable forrepparttar 144898 average user. Several Image treadmill models have been top ranked in numerous fitness magazine reviews. Considered entry-level to moderate level machinery,the Image treadmill definitely providesrepparttar 144899 best features forrepparttar 144900 reasonable price. The only drawback isrepparttar 144901 warranty; a majority of treadmills only come with a 90 day warranty on parts. However, a few do have up to 3 years coverage.

Horizon Treadmills Offer Top Features For the Lowest Price

Written by Tim Gorman

Highly rated by numerous experts inrepparttar fitness field, Horizon treadmills offer a well-constructed piece of excercise equipment for a reasonable price. Created byrepparttar 144896 Johnson corporation, Horizon treadmills are aimed towardsrepparttar 144897 commercial, and middle range home use markets. The Horizon company strives to build quality treadmills and distribute them at conservative prices.

In business for over 25 years, Horizon Fitness builds high caliber equipment for several top brands inrepparttar 144898 fitness industry. Horizon treadmills are routinely subjected to numerous tests and trials before distribution, to assure a safe product. Their team of qualified fitness experts provide years of experience and expertise to assist inrepparttar 144899 production of customer-friendly machines. Horizon also offers a 15 to 25 year warranty to ensure thatrepparttar 144900 product remains in top shape.

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