Written by Robert Bruce Baird

"It was this immortality ofrepparttar spirit that Saint-Germain tried to bring to a small group of chosen initiates. He believed that this minority, once it was developed itself, would, in its turn, help to develop another small number, and that a vast spiritual radiation would gradually descend, in beneficent waves, towardsrepparttar 142723 more ignorant masses. It was a sage's dream, which was never to be realized.” (1) Jeffersonrepparttar 142724 Illuminati:

‘I have seen halfrepparttar 142725 earth desolated. Were there but an Adam & Eve left in every country, & left free, it would be better than it now is... The liberty ofrepparttar 142726 whole earth was depending onrepparttar 142727 issue ofrepparttar 142728 contest.’ - Thomas Jefferson

I will provide evidence in Thomas’ own words that he supported Weisthaupt in this contest. You must seriously considerrepparttar 142729 extent of this conflict insiderepparttar 142730 halls of hierarchy. The American and French Revolutions are reallyrepparttar 142731 same conflict dressed up in different sounding garb and managed by and forrepparttar 142732 same motley crew of power elites.

The official biographies ofrepparttar 142733 Rothschild family are not shy about stating how they made an enormous (!!!) fortune or took control ofrepparttar 142734 world economy and British Treasury onrepparttar 142735 day The Battle of Waterloo ended.


“When Washington retired to private life, Freemasons Andrew Jackson and Edward Livingston were two ofrepparttar 142736 three men to vote AGAINST Congressional resolutions giving thanks to this great man. It is unclear whetherrepparttar 142737 third man was also a Mason.[5]{Jackson foughtrepparttar 142738 Rothschild bankers and he and Livingston are intimates of Lafitte but screwed him.}

Benjamin Franklin was a Freemason whose unique socializing skills included attending gatherings ofrepparttar 142739 English Hell Fire Club, a secret society focused on sex, pornography and politics.[6] When a relation asked about becoming a Mason, Franklin replied with his characteristic humor and candor, "one fool in any family is enough." General Lafayette, another Mason, does not appear to have joined (been recruited into?) a French Masonic lodge untilrepparttar 142740 Revolutionary war was virtually over. Afterrepparttar 142741 war Masons lavished General Lafayette with higher Masonic degrees.” (2) The Rosicrucian Council of Three: THOMAS PAINE: The Communist Manifesto:

Why would Physiocrats support Communism? Lafitte lived in hopes of less government so why would he fundrepparttar 142742 printing ofrepparttar 142743 Communist Manifesto? The labels you find people hurling at each other or proudly bearing on lapel buttons, be they Democrat or Republican, Nazi or Communist are not real. Atrepparttar 142744 very least they are not well understood. No Political Science Professor or person holding themselves out as an economist has been willing to debate me aboutrepparttar 142745 Physiocrats in over three years on hundreds of sites inrepparttar 142746 MSN world ofrepparttar 142747 web.

Russian Bolshevism was a corporate outreach ofrepparttar 142748 old-monied power elite. So was Hitler’s Nazism, and Hitler was a genetic ‘bastard’ offspring given fine tutelage byrepparttar 142749 Viennese De Medicis/Rothschild esoteric system. St. Germain started these schools and he handed overrepparttar 142750 spy network of his De Medicis family to Mayer Amschel Rothschild atrepparttar 142751 estate ofrepparttar 142752 British Royals cousins – William of Hesse who also financed Weishaupt. These labels are powerful and almost hypnotic ways of making people respond torepparttar 142753 wishes of those who have used people as cannon and sword fodder for millenia. The same people throughout at leastrepparttar 142754 5,000 year ‘nightmare’ that James Joyce (quoted by Joseph Campbell in Gimbutas’ Language ofrepparttar 142755 Goddess) brought to my attention when I began devoting myself to writing and this research inrepparttar 142756 year 2000. The same families at least! The names change from Merovingian to Carolingian but they are still found on both sides of every conflict.

Sudan: Submitting the Criminals to The ICC!

Written by Copyright©2005 Khalid Osman

Everybody concerns about justice inrepparttar World should be delighted becauserepparttar 142495 call to submitrepparttar 142496 criminals in Sudan torepparttar 142497 International Criminal Court(ICC) became a reality last Thrusday inrepparttar 142498 UN's corridors!

The UN Security Council voted 11-0 to refer a sealed list of 51 people accused of crimes against humanity inrepparttar 142499 Sudanese Darfurian region torepparttar 142500 ICC.

The USA, China, Brazil and Algeria abstained afterrepparttar 142501 last minute wrangling led byrepparttar 142502 US to exempt its citizens from submission torepparttar 142503 ICC, some media sources said.

Nowrepparttar 142504 suprise atrepparttar 142505 UN wasrepparttar 142506 abstention ofrepparttar 142507 USA and China.

Each of those two countries has its own attitudes and interests towardsrepparttar 142508 sitution in Sudan. The USA has always beenrepparttar 142509 sole player inrepparttar 142510 International Channels to accuserepparttar 142511 Sudanese Dictatorial Regime of terrorism.

It launched an air-raids against a terorrist location inrepparttar 142512 capital city of Khartoum in 1998, neverthelessrepparttar 142513 air raids missed its targets.

That had happened because ofrepparttar 142514 wrong informationrepparttar 142515 USA received aboutrepparttar 142516 location ofrepparttar 142517 terrorist factory.

Up to this point,repparttar 142518 air raids on Khartoum were not as successful as those attacks led byrepparttar 142519 suspect terrorists againstrepparttar 142520 American Ambassies in Nairobi and Dar-a-Salam.

So, what has happened today to encouragerepparttar 142521 USA to change its attitudes and be "neutral" atrepparttar 142522 Security Council duringrepparttar 142523 last vote?!

Seems thatrepparttar 142524 USA did not wantrepparttar 142525 resolution to be a precedent and to be implemented Internationally so as not to take effects onrepparttar 142526 interantional American policy not in Sudan alone but in Iraq too.

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