If you give it 100%, there is no such thing as failure

Written by Stephen Hill

I always say to my children, as long as you try your best, there is no such thing as failure. I believe this one hundred percent and it is a philosophy I am trying to install into my kids.

When I worked inrepparttar insurance industry, I used to sitrepparttar 149354 insurance examinations. I would always study hard and give it my all, however there were only three options as results. These were, distinction, pass or fail. I hate this word fail, in their eyes I failed twice, but did I though? As already stated, I could not have tried any harder, therefore how dare they call me a failure.

This result of fail is also a very negative and some what cruel mark. The question I would like answered, is did I fail by a long way, only a couple of points or quite a few points? Seeingrepparttar 149355 word fail tells me nothing. I personally think that everybody should be given a mark, possibly with an A forrepparttar 149356 best mark, going down to a G forrepparttar 149357 worst.

Happy and Healthy are the most important things in life.

Written by Stephen Hill

The world is becoming obsessed with money and all things material. Fromrepparttar size of your house,repparttar 149353 type of car and even where you travel on your holidays, some people are trying to go one better do their friends and family.

For me these people are quite sad. I have a friend who is similar torepparttar 149354 people above, he is always thinking of money, always talking about money. How to earn it, how to spend it etc. He is part of a lottery syndicate, there are about fifty people in this syndicate. When he goes out onrepparttar 149355 Saturday evening, he always takes with him a piece of paper withrepparttar 149356 numbers on and a little pen. At around nine o'clock he phones his girlfriend and she tells him whatrepparttar 149357 numbers are for that particular night. He then spends around twenty minutes checkingrepparttar 149358 numbers, and then re-checking to see if he has any winning lines.

He then returns fromrepparttar 149359 toilet area and is asked by other members ofrepparttar 149360 group about how much he has won/lost. He has yet to have any major win to this point, this does not deter him however and forrepparttar 149361 next hour, he will start a debate, asking different people how they would spend their winnings, if they ever wonrepparttar 149362 lottery.

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