If you’re looking for a quick search engine fix then you can stop looking now!

Written by Edward Hasting-Evans - Apple Marketing

Because there isn't one. Now this may sound a little glib and I suppose it is, however, since you're reading this then it did everything it's supposed to. And that's to interest you enough to start readingrepparttar article.

Now back torepparttar 147188 point. Almost every week there's a new article or theory that gets passed aroundrepparttar 147189 internet withrepparttar 147190 next miracle cure for your poor search engine results. And you shouldn't believe any of them.

Think about it, is there one single change you can make to your product or service that will suddenly triple or even quadruple your revenue? The answer is no, andrepparttar 147191 reason is that your potential clients are more sophisticated than that. Andrepparttar 147192 same of course goes forrepparttar 147193 search engines.

To get page one rankings withinrepparttar 147194 major search engines forrepparttar 147195 types of terms users actually search for is not cheap or easy. It is going to take an awful lot of time, money and effort. And this isrepparttar 147196 main point, most businesses will never see an adequate return.

Think about it. Most businesses would benefit from a massive advertising campaign in relevant magazines with an integrated web, direct mail and sales campaign. However, it’s just not practical even though you would getrepparttar 147197 results. The web is no different.

Search Engine Optimization Firm Dominates Ontario Hospitality Marketing

Written by Mark Coles

“The current trend for resort reservations is that 80% of bookings come either directly or indirectly fromrepparttar internet” says Mark Coles, a partner in First Page SEO - a Canadian company specializing in internet marketing. “The interesting thing is that over 80% of that internet traffic can be attributed to search” says Coles. For web sites to really excel they need their natural or organic placement to get them ontorepparttar 147090 first or second page. Only about 20% of hospitality based internet traffic comes from collateral print material where users can seerepparttar 147091 web URL. That meansrepparttar 147092 bulk ofrepparttar 147093 hits on any given web site come from keyword searches.

With so much competition onrepparttar 147094 World Wide Web it takes more than luck to ensure sites end up onrepparttar 147095 first page rather than fifty pages back.

First Page SEO has a solid track record of optimizing and placing sites. Currently they dominate Ontario resort search engine placement on Google. By example if you keyword search “Ontario resort” about 7.5 million sites compete for that phrase. Eleven ofrepparttar 147096 twenty listings onrepparttar 147097 first two pages are clients of First Page SEO. In fact, if you type in “Ontario search engine optimization” you will find First Page SEO inrepparttar 147098 #1 position ahead of 1.5 million other sites. Dorepparttar 147099 same search on MSN and you will find them inrepparttar 147100 #1 position again, and up nearrepparttar 147101 top on Yahoo as well!

“Its no accident that we arerepparttar 147102 placement leader in hospitality internet marketing in Ontario” says Coles. “We start out by ensuringrepparttar 147103 web site hasrepparttar 147104 genetics to become a top site and then we use a combination of SEO techniques accompanied by good, old fashioned marketing to improverepparttar 147105 base product.” First Page SEO avoids black hat techniques like stealth software, false directories, cloaking, etc. and focuses on theme, solid content and link strategies that supportrepparttar 147106 products and services being marketed. “Our Top 50 link program is a top seller” says Coles, “It uses DMOZ style one way back links from directories with a Page Rank of 6 or higher. Every listing has unique anchor text andrepparttar 147107 directories are turned on very slowing to avoid sand boxing.

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