If You Are Not Ready, Don't Start

Written by Rachelle Disbennett-Lee, PhD

There are times when we feel we should take action, but feel stuck or unsure. Action does assist with moving forward, butrepparttar first question to ask is "Am I ready?". We might be willing and able, but if we are not ready we will have a false start. We will sabotage ourselves.

Being ready is about commitment. Being ready is also a mindset. At times we have to be pretty fed up before we are really ready to make a change. A friend recently quit her job after months of being miserable. She was willing and able, but for some reason she could not let go of what she called "the job from hell." The last straw for her was being demoted and having her salary cut. This action byrepparttar 137083 company moved her to being ready. As humans we can put up with a whole lot. We tolerate and tolerate until finally we are pushed torepparttar 137084 point of being ready. It does seem pretty common that becoming ready often happens after we are totally fed up. There is a way to become ready without being pushed overrepparttar 137085 edge. One question I like to ask myself is "What isrepparttar 137086 worst thing that can happen?". Once I haverepparttar 137087 answer,repparttar 137088 next question is "And can I live with that?". Ifrepparttar 137089 answer is yes, then chances are you are ready to make your move. If you are still not sure - begin seeking other options. Keep working on those two questions until you come up with a solution that you can live with.

Enroll in Car College

Written by Rachelle Disbennett-Lee, PhD

One ofrepparttar most overlooked opportunities for learning and personal growth isrepparttar 137082 time we spend in our cars. There really isn't much we can do safely in our car but drive. I know I see people doing all kinds of things such as curling their hair, putting their makeup on and talking onrepparttar 137083 telephone. All of those things are distracting. There is something we can do in our cars to make any commute worthrepparttar 137084 time. That is what I call Car College - otherwise known as listening to some form of audio.

I was chatting with my friend Kathryn. She shared how she had begun listening to a set of tapes and was amazed at how many tapes she has listened to in one week's time. In a week, she had listened to half of a set of tapes she thought was going to take a month to get through. She calls her education Auto University. I also have renewed my interest in listening to tapes inrepparttar 137085 car and have been amazed at how much I learn in a relatively short amount of time. The wonderful part about learning while commuting is it is so effortless and doesn't distract me from my primary responsibility, that of driving.

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