If Not Now, When?

Written by Elisha Burke

Copyright 2005 Elisha Burke

How many times have you made excuses for putting off something you really needed or wanted to do? Probably too many times to count. It is all too easy to get inrepparttar habit of puttingrepparttar 150249 desires of your heart on hold. You may have been taught to putrepparttar 150250 needs of others first or that it is selfish to think of your own desires.

Mind you, there is times when it is appropriate and right to putrepparttar 150251 needs of others first, i.e., children, and others who have a right to depend on you.

Yet, even with that you must not always put yourself last and deny yourselfrepparttar 150252 happiness that comes from doing something for yourself. The truth is, when we do something that brings us fulfillment, it has a positive impact on every area of our lives.Another truth is that if we don't do certain things we greatly desire for ourselves, that feeling of failure and disappointment often negatively impacts our lives. It doesn't have to be that way.

Now isrepparttar 150253 time to begin a new journey of personal and, perhaps even financial fulfillment. You have within yourepparttar 150254 ability to change your circumstances. The change begins when you make up your mind to stop putting off those things your really want, and ought to doing for yourself.

Recently, I watchedrepparttar 150255 local news as they featuredrepparttar 150256 story of an 80 year-old man who had just received his high school diploma.This elderly man, now slowed by age walked slowly with his hand outstretched to receive his diploma. The look in his time-worn face was one of sheer joy. It wasrepparttar 150257 joy of at last accomplishing this goal that was obviously of utmost importance to him. This man's high school education had been interrupted by World War II,and later by providing for a family.

Never Limit Your Future

Written by Elisha Burke

Copyright 2005 Elisha Burke

Never limit you future byrepparttar shape of your past. This time-worn truism is still around for a good reason. We still need to be reminded of that, especially as we move forward with our goals, whatever they may be.

Never limit your future byrepparttar 150190 shape of past. As I thought about that statement I realized that history bears witness to many who have overcome horrible pasts and moved on to be very successful in their lives. Many of our current heroes and heroines have overcome poverty, child abuse, serious illness and disabilities to become successful in their chosen fields of endeavor.

I am reminded of successful people like Oprah Winfrey, Dolly Parton,repparttar 150191 late Ray Charles, Loretta Lynne, President William J. Clinton and many others. All of them overcame great obstacles to achieverepparttar 150192 success that was in them.

Overcoming one's past to achieve success is not limited to those who achieve great fame or fortune, but to everyday people like you and me. Each of us likely has something in our past that could have prevented us from getting to where we are now.

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