If I had Hammer, I Would Build in New Kent County Virginia

Written by Elaine VonCannon

New Kent County Virginia is a rural area filled withrepparttar flavors ofrepparttar 145844 American South. It is quiet enough for peaceful relaxation, and still situated less than 45 minutes from Richmond and Williamsburg. Those who want to retire, relocate, or purchase a second home in New Kent County Virginia may read my companion article http://www.voncannonrealestate.com/Retirement_and_Leisurely_Living_Historic_New_Kent_County_Virginia.php. The following relays information aboutrepparttar 145845 timeliness of investing in New Kent County.

Smart Growth in New Kent County A recent trend towards ‘smart growth’ in New Kent County will alter some ofrepparttar 145846 landscape, but notrepparttar 145847 overall tone and demeanor of this picturesque county. Professionals and retirees from Richmond want to live in New Kent County because they are tired ofrepparttar 145848 overpopulated city and suburban areas, but still need to commute there for business or family obligations. New Kent County is also turning into a bedroom community for Williamsburg, located just one half hour away.

Invest in New Kent County atrepparttar 145849 Bottom Tier New Kent County is sandwiched between two Virginia Counties: Henrico County –north of Richmond, and James City County – South of New Kent County and encompassing Williamsburg. Both counties are 80% built out and approaching capacity inrepparttar 145850 coming years. When a homebuyer purchases property or a residence in Henrico or James City County, he or she is accruing equity. Butrepparttar 145851 buyer is still atrepparttar 145852 top tier ofrepparttar 145853 ladder in pricing. When purchasing in New Kent County,repparttar 145854 buyer is atrepparttar 145855 bottom tier as far as price range is concerned. To make a smart investment in property, where equity will have a larger chance to grow, purchase property in New Kent County atrepparttar 145856 beginning ofrepparttar 145857 growth spurt. Brickshire Golf Community and Farms of New Kent arerepparttar 145858 largest upscale developments in New Kent County.

Brickshire Golf Community When Bluegreen Corporation, a New York Stock Exchange Company, first approached New Kent County to build a premiere golfing community there with a Curtis Strange Signature Golf Course, there were quite a few skeptics. The general feeling was that nobody would want to live in New Kent County, or build there. Now Bluegreen Corporation is laughing allrepparttar 145859 way torepparttar 145860 bank. Approximately 1,000 homes will be built in Brickshire Golf Community. The lots are completely sold out and only re-sells are available. For more information on lots or listings at Brickshire Golf Community, visit: http://www.voncannonrealestate.com/brickshireGolfCommunity.php.

Analyzing Customers in Your Business Plan

Written by Dave Lavinsky

The Customer Analysis section ofrepparttar business plan assessesrepparttar 145741 customer segments thatrepparttar 145742 company serves. In it,repparttar 145743 company must 1) identify its target customers, 2) conveyrepparttar 145744 needs of these customers, and 3) show how its products and services satisfy these needs.

The first step ofrepparttar 145745 Customer Analysis is to define exactly which customersrepparttar 145746 company is serving. This requires specificity. It is not adequate to sayrepparttar 145747 company is targeting small businesses, for example, because there are several million of these types of customers. Rather,repparttar 145748 plan must identify preciselyrepparttar 145749 customers it is serving, such as small businesses with 10 to 50 employees based in large metropolitan cities onrepparttar 145750 West Coast.

Oncerepparttar 145751 plan has clearly identified and definedrepparttar 145752 company’s target customers, it is necessary to explainrepparttar 145753 demographics of these customers. Questions to be answered include: 1) how many potential customers fitrepparttar 145754 given definition? is this customer base growing or decreasing? 2) what isrepparttar 145755 average revenues/income of these customers? and 3) where are these customers geographically based?

After explaining customer demographics,repparttar 145756 plan must detailrepparttar 145757 needs of these customers. Conveying customer needs could takerepparttar 145758 form of past actions (X% have purchased a similar product inrepparttar 145759 past), future projections (when interviewed, X% said that they would purchase product/service Y) and/or implications (because X% use a product/service which our product/service enhances/replaces, then X% need our product/service).

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