If I could start over...Lessons learned in e-publishing business

Written by Milana Nastetskaya

As my online business approaches its 1st anniversary, I look back on my efforts and results, trying to summarize and draw conclusions.

What would I have done differently if I had to start from scratch again? What could I have done better? If you are just starting out in an information publishing business, or thinking about going into an e-business,repparttar information I will share with you could be absolutely priceless as I will speak completely from personal experience.

************ If I had to do all over again, here arerepparttar 117898 things I would do differently: ************

1. I would have focused on one product at a time - starting from developing it to putting in place an effective marketing strategy. Beginning to work on new products while my 1st product wasn't yet selling well was a big mistake. I was completely overwhelmed by repparttar 117899 amount of work. I had to keep testingrepparttar 117900 ad copy, web design, and headlines for my 1st book while creatingrepparttar 117901 2nd one.

My part-time business turned into a full-time nightmare for a little while. Now I am definitely waiting - no new products until my three books have a good and a proven marketing system in place.

Now, that's not to say that I don't come up with ideas for new products. I have at least 4 or 5 titles in my "idea bank", but I will not start working on them until I can see that my current projects are set up successfully.

2. I would have not jumped into forums and discussions groups making a fool out of myself before even "testingrepparttar 117902 waters". Being completely new to e-business (but not to web design) I underestimatedrepparttar 117903 power of message boards and their effect on one's business. The Internet is not some huge universe of anonymous creatures. Everyone knows everyone and a bad news spreads fast throughoutrepparttar 117904 online marketing community.

If I could do it over, I would have definitely lurked before posting. Get a feel of what kind of people, messages and reaction you should expect. Once you understandrepparttar 117905 forum atmosphere, your posts will be much more in tone with others and appropriate.

3. I would have never believed those ads, web sites and people who said that this is not hard work. There is no way you will be "making money while you sleep". This statement is missing one point: you need to work HARD before you can start "making money while you sleep". In other words, you need to get your business to a certain level before you start getting consistent orders, some of which will arrive "while you are asleep" :-)

4. I would have definitely come up with a schedule of when to work and what to do. For example, 2 hours a day. Monday - submitting to Search Engines, Tuesday - contacting other webmasters for link exchange, Wednesday - writing an article, and so on.

Because there is always something to do, I found myself working too many hours a week and many times would not accomplish much. Having a schedule and a plan helps a lot and allows rest time without feeling any guilt :-)

"Building your Business for Success in 2002."

Written by Paul Barrs

"Building your Business for Success in 2002."

By Paul Barrs. (c) 2001

It's a strange anomaly.

Most people who set out to start their own business, no matter what type, build it for failure, not success.

Crazy isn't it? But true.

The saddest part in all this, is that they don't even know that they are destined for failure long before their dreams shatter and break apart.

Statistics tell us that within 5 years of start up 90% of all small business will go under.

My personal experience shows me that 98% of all home based business will dorepparttar same.


Because they lackrepparttar 117897 fundamental skills, education and development to plan ahead, foreseerepparttar 117898 pitfalls, and capitalise on gains.

Here is a key secret to business success. It's "Easy to Do", it's also "Easy not to Do."

That applies to everything. It's easy to do a business plan. It's also easy not to do one.

It's easy to create a marketing plan, but it's also easy not to create one.

It's easy to pick uprepparttar 117899 phone and call a new potential customer; it's also easy not to do it.

That one thing will determine your success, or measure your failure.

However, on a brighter side, there are three specific things that you must focus on doing if your want to develop a powerhouse and dynamic business in 2002.

Those three things are:

1. Get potential customers to your business. 2. Get those same people to come back. 3. Get them to refer their friends, family and associates.

Sounds simple doesn't it?

It's aasy to do, it's also easy not to do. And if you're not consciously aware of this business reality, you're probably not doing these three things.

Let's look at them.

1. Get potential customers to your business.

It does not matter what your business, your product, or your services. Whether you are online or offline makes no difference. You absolutely must focus 50% of your time and energy on gaining new customer enquires. (Initially 80% if you are just starting)

Use every method available to you. Utilise every single resource. Study and learn what it takes to get people to call you, or visit your website, or mail you a form.

I know I'm pointing outrepparttar 117900 obvious, but if your head is stuck in product development, or management and accounting you won't be able to seerepparttar 117901 trees fromrepparttar 117902 forest.

Customers are your lifeblood. They are your bread and butter. They represent every reason why you go into business inrepparttar 117903 first place - to make money.

So get them and get them quick.

2. Get those same people to come back.

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