If I Were Called

Written by Joyce C. Lock


If I were called to teach, I'd give it my best.

If I were called to preach, I'd better passrepparttar test.

If I were called to reach, I'd do it with much zest.

If I were called to each, I'd surely need some rest.

Mt. 11:29b


We, often, hold high expectations for our spiritual leaders (as does God) to teach, minister, give guidance and direction, to berepparttar 126891 example, live what they preach, and to be available, willing, and able to meet our need. We're truly blessed when we have such a person in our life.

However, were we to multiply our need byrepparttar 126892 entire membership of our church, we'd see that our expectation is somewhere between unrealistic and nearly impossible. Leadership often finds themselves between a rock and a hard place as, even forrepparttar 126893 most devoted of servants, there aren't enough hours in a day.

Meet Jesus' Sacrifice

Written by Joyce C. Lock

Would Jesus go to through allrepparttar suffering ofrepparttar 126890 cross If God's promises were a lie?

Do we truly believe The entire Bible isrepparttar 126891 infallible word of God When we discount its application Torepparttar 126892 modern day church?

When Jesus said we could dorepparttar 126893 works He'd done And even more, Did He really mean just some of them?

When authority gets heart service, But God gets lip service, Have leaders become our gods?

Jesus respected authority. But, who did He bow to?

If we don't know how to dorepparttar 126894 works Jesus did, Isn't Herepparttar 126895 best One to learn from?

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