Identity Theft

Written by James Dimmitt

LexisNexis, a provider of personal and financial data, recently reported thatrepparttar personal information of as many as 310,000 people nationwide may have been stolen. This figure is nearly 10 times higher thanrepparttar 139673 original figure disclosed last month byrepparttar 139674 company.

ChoicePoint Inc., another consumer data collection service, stated 145,000 people in their database were possibly exposed to identity thieves earlier this year. At DSW Shoe Warehouse, officials acknowledged stolen credit information at 103 of its 175 stores nationwide. Hackers have also targeted databases at California State University as well asrepparttar 139675 University of California, San Diego.

Many consumers now fear that usingrepparttar 139676 internet puts them at a higher risk of identity theft. However, surveys have shown that only 10 percent of known identity theft cases have resulted from online fraud. Dumpster diving along with phone scams account for far more ID theft thanrepparttar 139677 internet.

In fact you can userepparttar 139678 internet to help protect yourself from this crime in three unique ways:

1) View your banking and credit accounts online.

Almost all banks and credit card companies have secure web sites that allow you to view your statements and activity safely online. Secure sites are those that begin with https// or display a padlock icon on your computer screen.

Small Business Credit Cards

Written by Rob Mellor

So what do you look for when applying for a credit card for your small business? One thing is for sure, wasting money isnít an option because it can make or break your business. Things to look for are low interest rates and good customer service.

Ask around for companies with good customer friendly service. Some will let you off late payments time after time while others will come down like a ton of bricks. You need them to be flexible as you never know when you may run into problems

Make sure you donít go with one because of a low introductory offer. You want a long term one as you may not have time every six months to be jumping from one to another. Before signing up for one readrepparttar small print, remember it could save your business.

Look out for special bonuses companies offer. Some times companies such as Visa or American Express join with other companies to save you money on anything from shipping or office supplies

Here are two small business credit card options but look around for more and weigh uprepparttar 139434 benefits for each one

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