Identity Theft – Beware of Phishing Attacks!

Written by Charles Essmeier

“Dear Bank ofrepparttar West customer”,repparttar 150624 message begins. I’ve just received an e-mail message, purportedly fromrepparttar 150625 security department atrepparttar 150626 Bank ofrepparttar 150627 West. The message explains that certain features of my account have been suspended due to “suspicious activity” on my account. The message then provides a link that I can follow in order to fill out an online form confirming my identity. It’s certainly nice that Bank ofrepparttar 150628 West is worried aboutrepparttar 150629 status of my account. There’s just one problem – I don’t have an account at Bank ofrepparttar 150630 West. In fact, I’ve never even heard of Bank ofrepparttar 150631 West.

This message is an example of “phishing”, a relatively new problem found onrepparttar 150632 Internet. Unscrupulous individuals are sending spam e-mail messages byrepparttar 150633 millions, purporting to be from credit card companies, PayPal, eBay, or banks. Each message warnsrepparttar 150634 recipient of questionable activity on his or her account, as asks thatrepparttar 150635 recipient click on a link to verify personal information. The requested information is usually a username or password. Sometimes it’s a credit card number and expiration date. These messages are almost always fraudulent, and consumers are falling for them byrepparttar 150636 thousands. The messages certainly look legitimate, and often mimicrepparttar 150637 style ofrepparttar 150638 legitimate company’s messages exactly. How can you tellrepparttar 150639 difference between a real message from your bank and a fake one designed to

Which Business Credit Cards with Reward are the Best?

Written by Jeff Lakie

Thinking of applying for a credit card with a reward program to help you and your business? Here is a brief guide to some ofrepparttar best programs onrepparttar 150623 internet.

The Platinum Business Credit Card with rewards from American Express is a great offer. It has a introductory 0% APR, and has a low 4.99% fixed rate for balance transfers made withinrepparttar 150624 first 45 days. Perfect for those with good credit, you can get a decision within 60 seconds, when you apply online.

Citibank also offers great business credit cards with rewards that could help you and your business. The CitiBusiness Card, likerepparttar 150625 Platinum Business Credit Card, offers qualified applicants a low introductory rate and no annual fee. This card is perfect if you are thinking of transferring your balance as it will give you a low interest rate. It also offers a great credit line, which will let you make purchases for your business.

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