Identifying Work At Home Success Characteristics

Written by Kirk Bannerman

Do people that are successful in home based businesses share some common characteristics and, if so, what arerepparttar primary ones?

The dictionary defines successful as:

*having a favorable outcome, or *having obtained something desired or intended, or *having achieved wealth or eminence

When applied to a home business, I thinkrepparttar 117075 definition ofrepparttar 117076 word successful involves a combination of financial gain, time flexibility, and being able to call your own shots (being your own boss). The order of importance will vary from person to person.

I have hadrepparttar 117077 good fortune to be quite successful with home-based internet businesses. No, that is not completely accurate, I have had success because I have invested a lot of sweat equity in my work at home business activities.

Having spent many years inrepparttar 117078 corporate world, I am a firm believer inrepparttar 117079 team aspect of business and so I naturally gravitated toward network marketing instead of trying to go solo selling products/services and competing withrepparttar 117080 big players like Yahoo, Amazon andrepparttar 117081 other well known names.

After doing considerable research, I found a very well established and financially solid internet-based company to work with. Using my business experience inrepparttar 117082 "offline world" and developing my internet marketing skills onrepparttar 117083 fly in an OJT (aka: on-the-job-training) format, things have gone very well and I recently spent some time trying to identify some ofrepparttar 117084 primary traits that are common in my most successful team members.

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