"Identifying What 'Conversion Rates' Really Means When Evaluating Potential Solo Ad Joint Ventures"

Written by Karl Augustine

Ofrepparttar major pieces that make up a successful online business, high conversion rates can be one ofrepparttar 116955 most coveted. A solid product, strong sales copy, targeted traffic, effective advertising, and other factors all contribute torepparttar 116956 highly important business metric,repparttar 116957 "conversion rate".

The term "conversion rate" is simplyrepparttar 116958 ratio of people that visit your site versusrepparttar 116959 number of people that visit your site and buy something from your site. If you have 100 people visit your site daily and 4 people buy from you, essentially your daily conversion rate is 4%.

That's obviously an unqualified number because you don't have allrepparttar 116960 information about those visitors for that day.

There is no real standard definition that everyone adheres to and agrees upon and there is no governing body that says online marketers must define "conversion rate"repparttar 116961 same way.

The "conversion rate" metric can take into consideration any of or more ofrepparttar 116962 following:

* A 1st time visitor torepparttar 116963 site versus 1st time visitor who buys your main product onrepparttar 116964 1st visit.

* A visitor who reviews your site but doesn't buy onrepparttar 116965 first visit but does buy on a subsequent visit.

* A visitor who doesn't buy but joins your list and buys later.

* A visitor who doesn't buy your main product but joins your list and buys another product of yours.

* A visitor who buys a product from you not associated withrepparttar 116966 main site which is where they were originally referred.

* A visitor who buys your main product in a bundle that includes other productsrepparttar 116967 visitor is interested in.

*And so on...

Takerepparttar 116968 above scenarios and add inrepparttar 116969 fact that most ofrepparttar 116970 timerepparttar 116971 source ofrepparttar 116972 traffic isn't given, and you can easily get an 'ambiguous at best' definition of what "conversion rate" means.

Many successful online marketers with lists are bombarded with joint venture proposals that include some sort of conversion rate metric designed to build intrigue and desire torepparttar 116973 list owner to make them seriously consider going ahead withrepparttar 116974 solo add joint venture proposal.

The Deception of FFA Advertising

Written by Dan J. Fry

FFA, or Free For All sites arerepparttar next generation of internet marketing. Or at least that's what many want you to believe.

FFA sites are places where anyone can post a short ad with a link, as long as they agree to accept emails fromrepparttar 116954 site owner. Some ofrepparttar 116955 most popular sites are

(1)ffanet.com (2)myebiz.com (3)prolinks.com (4)kiosk.com (5)ffamailblaster.com

At first thought this seems like a remarkable way to advertise. But, there are major problems here.

First off,repparttar 116956 only way forrepparttar 116957 advertisement to work is for people to visitrepparttar 116958 FFA site where it is posted. Butrepparttar 116959 only people it seems that visit these sites are those that post an ad. To make matters worse, 99% of posts are done now through autosubmiters. So who actually sees your ad? Absolutely no one.

You may have received emails from FFA site owners of claiming that advertising via an FFA is worthless unless you actually ownrepparttar 116960 site. Their flawed reasoning (which I will explain shortly) is that asrepparttar 116961 owner, you get to post your own ads onrepparttar 116962 site, and better yet, collectrepparttar 116963 email addresses of everyone posting. Moreover, you receive commissions on anyone signing up to purchase an FFA site of their own.

But wait! It gets better. The same people will claim that when submitting your ad, create a separate email account to storerepparttar 116964 large number of autoresponder messages you will receive and other advertisements. So, if you don't want your primary email account to fill up, create a secondary account and simply deleterepparttar 116965 emails as they come in.

Now i'm really confused. If people who submit to my now owned and paying monthly FFA site, create a secondary email address to submit when posting, only to delete all ofrepparttar 116966 advertisements they receive, why exactly do I want their email address?

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