Identify The Ideal Target Audience With These 5 Tips

Written by Debbie LaChusa

Narrowing your focus to one primary group of people is often difficult for small business owners. They want to help everyone — and very often their product or service CAN help a variety of people.

It also goes against human nature to narrow your focus in order to grow a business. Common sense seems to tell us if we want to grow our business big, we need to appeal to more people.

In realityrepparttar opposite is true. When we narrow our focus to a particular group of people we become an expert in solving their particular problems. We get to know them very well and we can develop additional products and services to fill their needs.

So how do you decide who to market to?

Following are 5 tips:

1) Think aboutrepparttar 146881 type of people who can MOST benefit from what you have to offer.

2) Think about who you would most enjoy helping, or working with.

5 Easy Ways to Create Great Info Products

Written by Debbie LaChusa

So you've decided to start publishing an e-newsletter, or you'd like to develop a Special Report as an added-value for your customers, or maybe you've even decided to teach a teleclass or a seminar as a way to bring prospects into your business.

So now you have to decide what you’re going to write or speak about. So just how do you come up withrepparttar content?

Well, you can start with looking atrepparttar 146880 knowledge you have that could truly benefit your prospects and customers. What do you know a lot about, that your customers and prospects don't? What information could you provide that could help them to improve their business, or make them happier, or show them a different way to do something, or provide them with tips on how to buy or userepparttar 146881 product or service you provide?

The key is finding out what information your prospects and customers need or want most. Asking them isrepparttar 146882 easiest way to find out, and it is a great way to generate content for your info products.

If you have made arrangements to speak to a group, askrepparttar 146883 person coordinating your talk if there is a way to surveyrepparttar 146884 group as to their most important questions relative to your line of business.

For example, if you offer Wellness Coaching Services and you are speaking to a group of corporate executives, find out what their burning questions are related to wellness.

In a corporate environment, they should be able to quickly and easily compile this information via an email sent out to all employees who have been invited to your talk. Knowing that your goal is to speak directly to their concerns, they will probably be more likely to attend as well. When you getrepparttar 146885 results of your survey, look for common or recurring questions and focus your talk onrepparttar 146886 answers to these questions. Save any remaining questions as topics for your e-newsletter. You can use this as an incentive to get attendees to register for your e-newsletter by saying atrepparttar 146887 end of your talk “If I didn’t cover your most pressing question, I invite you to register for my free e-newsletter where I will address all remaining questions.”

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