Ideas For A Successful Website

Written by Terri Seymour

There are many things to consider when you want to put up a website. First you must decide onrepparttar topic for your website. This should be something that you are very interested in and passionate about. Building and maintaining a website takes time and work.

An important thing to remember when you are designing your website is that you want a clean professional look. It might be pretty if your site looks like a Las Vegas nightclub act, but your visitors will probably get confused and lost inrepparttar 132004 glitter and go onto another site. You want a clean, uniform design on all pages which should also be easy to navigate. Visit a few sites and see how they are set up and take notice of which ones you can easily find your way in and which ones you easily get lost in. Visit these sites for more information:

Another thing you want to do is to provide quality, helpful information and content in your website. Once you have a visitor to your site, you want him to have a reason to come back. If you have a website about pets, put up articles on petcare and have links to other websites that contain resources for pet owners. Here are a couple of sites to find articles on any subject:

There are also article announcement lists such as:

Free Articles For Your Web Site

Written by Richard Lowe

Do you subscribe to a few ezines? Or are you like me and you subscribe to an obscene number of ezines? More ezines that you can possibly read even if that's all you did twenty-four hours a day? If so, have you noticed that some articles appear in more than one ezine?

Or perhaps you've surfedrepparttar web and noticed a really great article which has an author different fromrepparttar 132003 webmaster. Some sites even seem to have whole collections of these articles by many different articles.

What's going on? Well, there are some not-so-secret stashes onrepparttar 132004 web which actually contain hundreds if not thousands of articles that you can reprint on your web site or in your ezine (and even in an ebook if you want). The only cost is to also includerepparttar 132005 "resource box" ofrepparttar 132006 author.

A resource box is a few lines of text, similar in concept to an email signature. This box contains a short advertisement or biography, a link to a web site and perhaps a link to join a newsletter. Usually they are four to six lines long, although eight or nine lines is also common.

How do you take advantage of this phenomenon? You simply subscribe to one or more mailing lists set up for precisely this purpose. Once you do so, you will get several articles per day (usually) in your inbox which are available for reprint.

If you find an article which is useful, you simply add it to your publication along withrepparttar 132007 resource box. Don't change anything at all unless you get written permission fromrepparttar 132008 author, and be sure to send a quick email to him letting him know you've used his work.

Viola! Instant, useful content for your publication! That's literally all there is to it.

Okay, so what doesrepparttar 132009 author get out of this? He gets a small amount of advertising and a link to his website. That's whatrepparttar 132010 resource box is all about. The hope is that occasionally someone will readrepparttar 132011 article, find it interesting, and clickrepparttar 132012 link to go torepparttar 132013 authors website.

Byrepparttar 132014 way, I personally consider it a little tacky to askrepparttar 132015 author to exchange links if you publish his article. You see, you are already getting value by obtaining free content for your publication or web site. The author is getting a link and a small ad. That'srepparttar 132016 exchange.

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