I saw a(n) UFO!

Written by K.A.Cassimally

It all happened atrepparttar beach, few months ago. My uncles, my dad and myself were in a conversation, which quite amazingly resulted in talking about Mars. Beingrepparttar 127654 family’s astronomy expert, I pointed torepparttar 127655 red dot inrepparttar 127656 sky. My uncles looked up and laughed afterwards.

“Just because we’re nuts in astronomy, doesn’t mean we are idiots!”

Well they were idiots in this particular case. Mars was truly there; up inrepparttar 127657 night sky. The second time I tilted my head 75o backwards however, I saw a faint spot of light moving from right to left. I realised thatrepparttar 127658 object must be some gigameters away and yet it was moving extremely fast. Within 15 seconds, it had passed out of sight! I thought that I wasrepparttar 127659 only one who sawrepparttar 127660 white little dot sprinting but no! Dad had seen it too and this was proof (to me) that I was not ‘night’ dreaming (unless he was too).

I could’ve written major article about that sighting: UFO sighting in Mauritius. I could’ve phoned or emailed or faxed (or any other communication tool you know-ed)repparttar 127661 CIA, NASA and SETI. But I didn’t. Although I believe in extraterrestrial life, I find it tough to have faith in ‘flying saucers’.

Nevertheless, I connected torepparttar 127662 internet (my bill usually approachrepparttar 127663 $37 mark per month) and searched for UFO on Google.mu. I came up with different results namely an article entitled ‘The UFO Phenomenon’. It is in this article that I learnt what exactly was a UFO besides being an acronym for Unidentified Flying Object. But how do we know that what we have just seen is a UFO?

How strange! The sky is blue!

Written by K.A.Cassimally

Look up! Just do it. What do you see? Stupid question, eh? You seerepparttar ceiling of course. When you look upwards during a sunny day while picnicking however, you seerepparttar 127653 blue sky. Ever wondered whyrepparttar 127654 sky is not green nor but blue?

Before answering this question, let’s go back torepparttar 127655 basic physics of light. Sorry, but here I go…

Light is a kind of energy, which travels in waves. In fact, light is a wave of vibrating electric and magnetic fields. Light forms only one small part of a larger range of vibrating electromagnetic fields calledrepparttar 127656 electromagnetic spectrum. Electromagnetic waves travel through space at an amazing 300 00km/s. Therefore this is alsorepparttar 127657 speed of light.

When you see white light fromrepparttar 127658 bulb, you are actually seeingrepparttar 127659 seven colours ofrepparttar 127660 rainbow! This is because white light consists of a combination of these seven colours.

Each of these colours has a different wavelength, frequency and energy. Wavelength isrepparttar 127661 distance betweenrepparttar 127662 crests ofrepparttar 127663 waves. The frequency isrepparttar 127664 number of waves that pass by each second. Note thatrepparttar 127665 longerrepparttar 127666 wavelength,repparttar 127667 lowerrepparttar 127668 frequency andrepparttar 127669 less energy it contains.

·Violet: Shortest wavelength, highest frequency and energy ·Red: Longest wavelength, lowest frequency and energy

Now back to our main topic. That blue colour ofrepparttar 127670 sky is due to an effect known asrepparttar 127671 Rayleigh scattering. As light fromrepparttar 127672 sun moves towards Earth’s atmosphere, not allrepparttar 127673 colours are actually able to pass through that atmosphere. Most ofrepparttar 127674 longer wavelength colours do pass (red, orange and yellow for sure) butrepparttar 127675 shorter wavelength ones however are mostly absorbed by gas molecules found inrepparttar 127676 atmosphere. Absorbed blue light is then bounced back (radiated would be a better word) in all directions. This makesrepparttar 127677 shy to appear blue!

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