"I once feared the Internet"

Written by Ralph Almeida

By Ralph Almeida I always envied entrepreneurs who were making their fortune onrepparttar internet. After allrepparttar 117206 internet has created more millionaires than any other vessel in history, and I longed to be part of this elite group. While I considered myself computer literate, all this html code gibberish left me feeling totally inadequate and afraid to pursue my dream. This little word called "fear" had held me back from becoming a millionaire ten years ago. One day as I upgraded my personal computer I came across a website building software, and beingrepparttar 117207 curious type of person that I am - I decided to play around with it. Much to my amazement, this software required nothing more than some simple cut and paste skills. Within a few hours I had a one page website built. Because of technological software advances these days, building a website has become almost as easy as typing a letter. Next, I decided to do some reading onrepparttar 117208 internet and find out what steps that I needed to take to actually get this website published onrepparttar 117209 internet. I soon found out that every website needed a "domain name", which isrepparttar 117210 actual website address that people will type into their browser or search engine to find your website. The domain name that I choose for my website was: webcocoshop.com When directing visitors to my website, I give them this address: http://www.webcocoshop.com Purchasing a domain name can be very inexpensive. Domain names can be purchased from http://www.godaddy.com for as little as $5.00 a year. (I am in no way affiliated with godaddy, but I find their services very economical.) Next, I learned thatrepparttar 117211 final step that I would need to take was finding someone to "host" my website. This entails using their servers to upload your site torepparttar 117212 internet. Again, I foundrepparttar 117213 hosting prices at godaddy to be very economical also. You can get your site hosted for about $5-$8.00 monthly.

Getting my Internet Business Started

Written by Brenda Pagel

I have a little experience inrepparttar business world, but not much. I was a Mortgage Broker for about a year. That’s about it. Before that, I was a delivery driver for five years.

I was going from job to job trying to findrepparttar 117205 “right” one. Busting my butt for corporate companies who really only cared about numbers. How much I can make or do for them. I was just another number in their system.

That’s when I started working onrepparttar 117206 Internet. I had been thinking about it for quite a while. I was very skeptical. The way I see it though, it’s no different than working for a large company as a Mortgage Broker, except I’mrepparttar 117207 boss!

I started my business online a little over a year ago. I stopped for a while, because of unforeseen circumstances. Then I got back into it.

I am involved in several affiliate programs.

•Six Figure Income

•Push Button Publishing


•The Internet Marketing Center

•Sure Fire Marketing

Which can all be found at: http://www.homeprofit-page.com

•TrafficOasis http://www.trafficoasis.com/index.php?87957

Past failure and disappointments have motivated me. Listening torepparttar 117208 successful entrepreneurs helps to motivate me, also. I know it can be done. It takes willpower, faith and a little elbow grease.

I have an office set up acrossrepparttar 117209 hall from my bedroom. I use a Pentium 4, 256 MB Gateway computer with a printer and scanner. I recently switched from dial-up Internet connection to cable modem. That makes a huge difference. I will never go back to dial-up!

I do most of my business online. I have done some mailing. The Internet is so much quicker and easier. I do prefer usingrepparttar 117210 Internet for most of my business.

The one thing I don’t like aboutrepparttar 117211 Internet isrepparttar 117212 fact that I don’t get to deal with people face-to-face. But that’s why I do a small part-time job away from home. And that job is only 5 minutes from home. I don’t like long commutes. Who does?

I do mostly publishing onrepparttar 117213 Internet. Promoting my business and affiliate sites. And when doing this, I learn some really neat stuff about other people.

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