I nearly Drove the Ruddy Fire Engine Myself

Written by Holmes Charnley

Now then, those visitors already familiar with some ofrepparttar other articles onrepparttar 118268 site will know that, yes, I found love last year, but it involved me taking onrepparttar 118269 role as step dad. I wasn't really up for that, to be honest. It can be best summed up as: I fell in love but at a cost.

I was a bachelor boy and I don't mean inrepparttar 118270 way that Sir Cliff ruddy Richard is. No, that's just unnatural and deeply disturbing bachelorhood (!) I mean, I was one ofrepparttar 118271 boys downrepparttar 118272 bar, shooting pool and giving my liver a nervous breakdown.

But, there we are, I was in love so a young boy and girl became my step-kids. To be honest, I'm young at heart. It's an advantage. (I thinkrepparttar 118273 pickling of my liver weirdly also preserved my mind in a suspended perpetual youthful look on life. Pickled and preserved, I think they call it …)

It has been very hard for me at times, a whole new routine, but as I write this seven months have passed. And with those months, a certain acclimatisation has taken place.

I'd like to drawrepparttar 118274 reader's attention to something that happened earlier today. We were all downrepparttar 118275 town, sorting outrepparttar 118276 shopping etc, when I noticed that there was a fete being held onrepparttar 118277 forecourt ofrepparttar 118278 fire station. And as we moseyed over, it became apparent that kids were getting a ride roundrepparttar 118279 block in one ofrepparttar 118280 engines.

5 Ways To Tell If A Preschooler Is Living In Your House

Written by Deborah Shelton

1. You reheatedrepparttar same cup of coffee three times this morning.

2. There is always one more person in your bed inrepparttar 118267 morning, than there wasrepparttar 118268 night before.

3. You can’t imagine life withoutrepparttar 118269 Cartoon Network.

4. The lock on your bathroom door is purely for decoration…

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