I Will Trust...

Written by Terry Dashner

I Will Trust…

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Robert Hastings writes, “In May of 1970, a disastrous earthquake shook Peru, killing as many as 50,000 people, many of whom were buried under a mass of mud and rocks falling fromrepparttar Andes Mountains. The number ofrepparttar 142016 dead was so great that many were buried in trenches, wrapped in blankets, and many children in old newspapers. Lamberto Guzman, a journalist inrepparttar 142017 city of Yungay, said men and women were holding hands in groups, shouting to God to have compassion. Then he added, “God didn’t hear us. The earth kept trembling.’

“Novelist James L. Johnson tells how he and his eight-year-old boy were watching a TV documentary about people living in tin shacks in Saigon, dying of meningitis becauserepparttar 142018 available penicillin had been siphoned intorepparttar 142019 black market. Turning to his father with tears in his eyes,repparttar 142020 eight-year-old asked, ‘Daddy, can’t God do anything?’”

What say you? Is God powerless against evil, devastation, and famine? If He is, thenrepparttar 142021 Bible has gotten it wrong. The Bible declares that God is Sovereign. God is Almighty. God is Lord over all. The Bible also states emphatically that there are times when God seems remote and aloof from His people. If this is true, and I believe it is, then why does God back away from us?

Findhorn and the Hand of Fate

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

The air traffic controllers were on strike when we were in Europe. Sherry and I were forced to travel by boat and train as a result of this, on our way to Paris from London. We arrived before noon at Le Gare Du Nord which wasrepparttar main Paris train station. When I spoke with Marsha upon my return I was surprised to hear she had been in Europe atrepparttar 141973 same time I was. She and I, both, had never been to Europe before. When she told me that she had been at Le Gare Du Nord at what might have beenrepparttar 141974 exact same time or at least close torepparttar 141975 same time, I knew more than ever that I was buckingrepparttar 141976 'hand of fate'. Marsha had many stories to tell me butrepparttar 141977 most meaningful one related to her trip to Findhorn which we had spoken about seeing together at one time. She was still without any man in her life and that saddened me. I am including an excerpt from a book on Findhorn for those who are not familiar withrepparttar 141978 wondrous circumstances of this hallowed part of our planet.

The Magic of Findhorn by Paul Hawken in 1975, with a heading "The Extraordinary Community Where Man cooperates with Plants, Where People are Transformed, Where Nothing is Impossible and legends are Reborn." begins withrepparttar 141979 following passage:

"Torepparttar 141980 Kingdom ofrepparttar 141981 Wind

There have been stories inrepparttar 141982 press and other media about a small community inrepparttar 141983 north of Scotland called Findhorn where people talk to plants with amazing results - stories of vegetable and flower gardens animated by angelic forms where Pan's pipes are heard inrepparttar 141984 winds - stories of plants performing incredible feats of growth and endurance: 40-pound cabbages, 8 foot delphiniums and roses blooming inrepparttar 141985 snow - all a short distance fromrepparttar 141986 Arctic Circle - Don Juan and Tolkein combined, whererepparttar 141987 elemental world of plants and animals cooperate with fairies, elves and gnomes in creating a land where nothing is impossible... a cold windblown peninsula jutting intorepparttar 141988 North Sea with soil as sandy and worthless as your local beach;.. With those sketchy and unbelievable tales, I left America for Scotland to search outrepparttar 141989 Findhorn Gardens. What I found seems larger than a 40-pound cabbage. Fairies and Elves seem tame stuff compared to what one experiences there. Findhorn may be a manifestation of a light and power which could transform our planet within a lifetime, or it could be an illusory bubble onrepparttar 141990 troubled waters ofrepparttar 141991 world civilization that will burst, leaving no traces. A born skeptic, I can appreciate that much of what you will read will seem implausible and incredible. I do not ask that you believe this account, for it is written through only one man's eyes. Every aspect of creation has as many realities as perceivers."

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