I Will Be Silent

Written by Val K

For ‘Karim

“We used to have peace, but now we have only war.”—Halima

I will not speak ofrepparttar dead for that is another matter. I will not speak of those driven out of their homes to find shelter in a camp fenced with strings. I will not speak of those raped at dawn. Or of children shot inrepparttar 136290 head.

I will not speak of them.

I will not speak ofrepparttar 136291 woman, round and heavy, like me who will give birth to a child she’ll be ashamed to name. neither will I speak of a dozen other women, like her and a village which will beget bastards. I will not speak ofrepparttar 136292 slash—deep in my thigh, made by a knife: a brand of ownership,repparttar 136293 mark of a slave.

What a Woman Wants!

Written by Arthur Zulu

What does a woman want?

To carry her on your laps and lock your tongue in her’s till she swoons torepparttar Happy Valley;

to look into her eyes and sing like a nightingale: “I’ll love you tillrepparttar 136289 heavens are more”;

to listen and listen when she speaks and reply as if a Delphic oracle: “I understand, I understand”;

to give her a bouquet of Queen ofrepparttar 136290 night and say to her: “You’rerepparttar 136291 loveliest flower in Eden”;

to pat her hair swearing she’s beautiful in mid winter and smiles asrepparttar 136292 seraphs;

to carryrepparttar 136293 shopping basket after her and open herrepparttar 136294 door lest she hurt her delicate fingers;

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