I Want To Be A Democrat

Written by Vern B. Southern

I Want To Be A Democrat.

I want ecology to be a important part of American politics. I want my American rivers, lakes and streams to be clean and natural. I want to see new and clean ways to produce energy and keep my American sky's free of pollution. I want to be a Democrat.

I want my fellow Americans to have "GOOD" jobs. I want American Unions to be strong and free of political corruption. I want every American to haverepparttar opportunity to receive training for quality employment. Everyone has an American right to receive a "LIVEABLE" wage. I want to be a Democrat.

I want American equality to continue to be a important part of American politics. I want to continue to fight for true African-American equality, Hispanic-American citizenship and equal pay for Women. I want to be a Democrat.

When John F. Kennedy sawrepparttar 125921 evil of communism marshaling it's forces against America he drew a line inrepparttar 125922 sand and stopped a threat to our country. I want to be a Democrat.

When Franklin D. Roosevelt sawrepparttar 125923 evil of fascism growing and attacking all of Europe he did everything he could to fight against it. He knew ofrepparttar 125924 decency of Americans and called all of us to war. I want to be a Democrat. I Can't Be A Democrat.

Where isrepparttar 125925 Democrat who will stand againstrepparttar 125926 evil that now grows inrepparttar 125927 Middle East? Where isrepparttar 125928 Democrat that will stand up for me? What happened torepparttar 125929 core values ofrepparttar 125930 Democratic Party? I Can't Be A Democrat.

Peace is a wonderful concept and people who seek it walk inrepparttar 125931 words of God. Howeverrepparttar 125932 word "Peace" has taken on a false meaning. Many people believe that it meansrepparttar 125933 absence of conflict when actually it isrepparttar 125934 presence of Justice. I Can't Be A Democrat.

Acceptingrepparttar 125935 absence of conflict withoutrepparttar 125936 presence of Justice atrepparttar 125937 insistence of others is capitulation. Standing onrepparttar 125938 side lines atrepparttar 125939 request of others while people suffer throughrepparttar 125940 evil of our day is appeasement. I Can't Be A Democrat.

I am a American Christian and there is no way I can support any politician who condones abortion. Many Democrats say that abortion is a Constitutional Right. A Constitutional Right? No where inrepparttar 125941 United States Constitution does it state that a person hasrepparttar 125942 right to endrepparttar 125943 life of their child. I Can't Be A Democrat.

I Want To Be A Republican

Written by The Independent Voice

I Want To Be A Republican.

I want fiscal responsibility to be an important part of American politics. I want small government that focuses on protecting and encouraging growth for all citizens. I want to be a Republican.

When Abraham Lincoln sawrepparttar hypocrisy of a nation who's founding principles includedrepparttar 125920 equality of all men he decided to stand up for what we all should believe in. I want to be a Repulican.

When Richard Nixon sawrepparttar 125921 evil of fighting an un-winnable ideology war and thatrepparttar 125922 means did not justifyrepparttar 125923 ends, he ran as an anti-war candidate. I want to be a Republican.

Where isrepparttar 125924 Republican who will stand up againstrepparttar 125925 evil war that is taking place in Iraq right now? Where isrepparttar 125926 Republican who will say that this war is a lie based upon a lie? There weren't any terrorists with WMD willing to act againstrepparttar 125927 U.S. in Iraq. There ARE in other countries but not Iraq. What happened to Republican prudence? Needless violence isrepparttar 125928 reason why I can't be a Republican.

I am an American Buddhist and a recovering catholic and there is no way I can support any politician who condones capital punishment. Many old testament Christians, who like to forget aboutrepparttar 125929 legacy and teachings of Jesus Christ, believe that capital punishment is justified inrepparttar 125930 Bible. The irony is that Jesus Christ was capitally punished to death byrepparttar 125931 Romans andrepparttar 125932 Jews. Jesus specifically and numerously spoke against capital punishment and onlyrepparttar 125933 blind Christians like Pat Robertson forget it. Capital punishment kills innocent and usually poor black and white people. It only causes more problems for society to deal with:repparttar 125934 dead father, mother, son, brother, and friend. I can't be a Republican.

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