"I Want My Ad In NOW, Not LATER!"

Written by BJ Evans

If you've done any ezine advertising for a while, especially free ads, sooner or later you may receive something like this fromrepparttar publisher, "Your ad is scheduled to appear inrepparttar 101104 Oct.15 issue."

Now you're thinking that this can't be, because right now it's only Aug.15. "I have to wait 2 months for my ad to come out? No way am I going to wait that long. It won't do me any good 2 months from now."

You could be wrong. Very wrong.

There are several factors to consider here. Number 1 might berepparttar 101105 fact thatrepparttar 101106 ad is FREE! You can't overlook that! Number 2 is that free ads are placed on a 'first come, first served' basis.

Number 3: It's common knowledge that we need to advertise on a continuous basis, not just when we feel like it. That means week after week after week. And planning ahead. Doesn't matter if it's free ads or paid, you have to keep at it, regularly.

So, in our scenario above, let's break it down and see how waiting 10 weeks will benefit you inrepparttar 101107 long run. (It's not as bad as you might think.)

Remember, you placed that ad on Friday, Aug. 11. And on Sat., Aug.12 you gotrepparttar 101108 above notice that your ad won't appear untilrepparttar 101109 Oct. 15 issue. Here's how you can "catch up."

You placed your ad on Friday,repparttar 101110 11th. So, EVERY Friday, you place your ad again. Andrepparttar 101111 next Friday, andrepparttar 101112 next. Always on Friday. (NOTE: these days and dates are only for example. You'll naturally have your own ad schedule.)

Now, after waiting 10 weeks, and placingrepparttar 101113 ad religiously every Friday, Oct. 15 finally rolls around, and your ad appears. But see what you've gained by placing it every Friday for that 10-week "waiting" period. Your NEXT ad appears on Oct. 22, andrepparttar 101114 next on Oct. 29, and so on. (Again, it's first come, first served.) Sure, you had to wait 10 weeks. But isn't it worth it? Now allrepparttar 101115 ads you've been placing are beginning to appear.

Writing Your Own Free Report

Written by Timothy Ward

Experts and researchers have been telling us for years that one ofrepparttar most eye catching words in advertising isrepparttar 101103 word FREE. So whenever possible we've been encouraged to userepparttar 101104 word free in our advertisements. However, what can you do ifrepparttar 101105 product or service your advertising isn't free, and you don't have anything free to give away? How can you incorporaterepparttar 101106 word free into your advertisement then?

There are of course, hundreds of websites that will sell you little knick-knacks and trinkets to give away to your potential customers. But these can be expensive, especially for internet marketers with tight budgets. There is however something that you can give away for FREE that won't hurt your budget, and may help your business.

The one thing you can always offer for free is information. And a great way to offer information is in a free report. Now you may be asking yourself: What information do I have that other people would want to read about? Well, look at it this way, who knows more aboutrepparttar 101107 product or service that you are advertising than you? So if you are going to offer a free report why not make it aboutrepparttar 101108 product you are selling orrepparttar 101109 service you are offering. Or it can be about something closely related to your product or service.

For example if I wanted to offer a free report in ads for my travel website (http://www.Bookyourfares.com), my free report might be about 'The Secrets of Booking Airline Flights Online'. Since I own a travel website, I would be in a good position to know at least a couple of tricks that might interest people who were looking to userepparttar 101110 internet to book flights. And of course I would be sure to include links to Bookyourfares.com throughout repparttar 101111 free report. That way if people found my report informative they probably use Bookyourfares.com to book their airline flights (and hopefully their hotel and car rental reservations as well). That's how a free report can help your business, it may draw sales from people who ordinarily may have passed over your ad. But since you offered a free report, your ad caught their eye and now you have their attention. And once you have their attention, hopefullyrepparttar 101112 quality of your product or service can take it from there.

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