I Survived the Landscape Industry Trade Show

Written by Henry Siegel

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I Survivedrepparttar 117371 Landscape Industry Trade Show Article by Henry Siegel Copyright 2003 by ProGardenBiz Summary: Humorous story about attending an industry trade show. Designed to entertain, but also to encourage trade show attendance.


This isrepparttar 117372 city. Any City, Anywhere. Once a year thousands of professionals from all fields ofrepparttar 117373 Green Industry descend uponrepparttar 117374 Convention Center forrepparttar 117375 Anywhere Landscape Contractor Industry Trade show. In every state, every year, gardeners, landscape contractors, nurserymen, lawn care and grounds maintenance professionals will fillrepparttar 117376 Great Halls of Commerce.

My name is Joe Friday. This is my partner Pete Gannon. Our job? To surviverepparttar 117377 Landscape Industry Trade Show.

Wednesday, April 23rd

10:00am: The doors open. We walk in. We pass through a short hall pleasantly decorated with plants. Several landscaped displays with fountains, waterscapes, and ponds linerepparttar 117378 hall. We turnrepparttar 117379 corner and are face to face withrepparttar 117380 Show Information Booth. Here they are eagerly handing out maps ofrepparttar 117381 showroom. We ignore them and pass intorepparttar 117382 showroom unprepared. Our first mistake.

10:05am: A whirling, twirling display of color and people confronts us. A beautiful girl places a Hawaiian lei around my shoulders. Another is confronting Pete. Someone is explaining repparttar 117383 virtues of a large piece of lawn mowing equipment. I keep my eye on Pete. They've got a pen in his hand.

11:15am: We managed to break away from Hawaii, but it was expensive. Our new lawn care equipment trailer arrives next week. Unless they check Pete's credit. My saving grace.

11:45am: I am spinning a large wheel with numbers on it. To either side of me Las Vegas type dealers are throwing cards out to players at a "21" table. Is this legal here?

11:46am: Pete is shouting "Blackjack, Blackjack!!" Someone is stuffing a package of some kind in my arms. They have my card. I'm told they will call me next week. Pete is signing some papers. I grab his collar asrepparttar 117384 salesman informs him thatrepparttar 117385 lawn mower and edger will be delivered on Monday. I sigh relief as I seerepparttar 117386 salesman putting awayrepparttar 117387 credit agreement. I check for Pete's wallet. It's still there.

12:00pm: We get into line for lunch.

1:00pm: We pick up our lunch and head for a table. We sit down. The face acrossrepparttar 117388 table is familiar. A salesman! I eat fast. As I gobble my last bite I notice Pete smearing mustard on his shirt as he is franticly grabbing at his pen. I grab him byrepparttar 117389 ear and leave.

A Colorful and Exciting Source of Wholesale Goodies

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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By Stephen Bucaro

If you could find a wholesale source for products that are colorful, exciting, and spark your imagination - would you start your Web business today? Well, think up a domain name because I've found it for you! Not only will I share this source with you, but I'll provide you with some business ideas to go along with it.

Maybe you've heard ofrepparttar 117372 Oriental Trading Company. Go to http://www.oriental.com and request a free copy of their catalog. You'll receive almost 200 pages ofrepparttar 117373 most colorful and exciting goodies you can imagine. I have no affiliation with this company. I wish that I could sell these products on my web site, but they are WAY out ofrepparttar 117374 topic area of my site.

Inrepparttar 117375 catalog and onrepparttar 117376 Oriental Trading Company web site you'll find small toys and games, crafts and activities, party supplies, novelty jewelry, stationery supplies and much more.

Some example prices are: plush stuffed toy unicorns - $12.95 per dozen. Picture stampers - $9.95 per 50 pieces. Fanny Packs - $14.95 per dozen. Wooden animal puzzles - $4.95 per dozen. Colorful canvas tote bags - $14.95 per dozen. And many more.

Some Business Ideas:

- Create an online 99 cents store. Select specific items or groups of items and sell them for 99 cents. If you can make your Web site as colorful as Oriental Trading Company's catalog, people will be ordering bucket loads of this stuff from you.

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